Delete these four dangerous apps from your phone immediately


Pubnews: Delete these four dangerous apps from your phone immediately. Recently, 4 Android apps from the Google Play Store were detected, where the presence of dangerous malware was detected. This malware is particularly adept at circumventing the security of the Google Play Store. They have already been deleted from the Google Play Store. However, these apps were downloaded more than 10,000 times before they were removed. According to a report by Bleeping Computer, these four apps were present as file cleaners.

According to reports, the Hungerbot malware steals sensitive banking information. For this, he has to get permission from the user to collect phone data. The malware then takes control of banking applications and steals Trojan login data whenever users sign in to the app.

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According to reports, these four apps work to install banking trojan malware on devices. This banking Trojan is called Hungerbot.

Delete these four dangerous apps immediately
X-File Manager
LiteCleaner M
PhoneAID, Cleaner, Booster 2.6


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