“Digital Personal Data Protection Act to Hold Companies Accountable for Indian Citizens’ Data”


Pubnews: “Digital Personal Data Protection Act to Hold Companies Accountable for Indian Citizens’ Data.” Rajeev Chandrasekhar, the Union Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology, revealed on Thursday that the recently passed Digital Personal Data Protection Act (DPDP Act) by the Parliament will enforce strict legal liability on digital companies handling the personal data of Indian citizens.

Chandrasekhar hailed this legislation as a significant milestone within the framework of cyber law. He emphasized that the heightened penalties outlined in the Act would serve as a deterrent and might even lead to the suspension of operations for non-compliant companies in India.

Speaking to PTI, he stated, “The Digital Personal Data Protection Act that was passed by Parliament a few days back is a very important milestone in the global standard cyber law framework that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set for India as a part of the ‘Tech-Enabled Decade.’ The aim is to foster the creation of a trillion-dollar digital economy.”

Digital Personal Data Protection Act

Chandrasekhar elaborated, “The DPDP Bill’s objective is to empower Indian citizens by safeguarding their data, placing an obligatory responsibility on all companies—be they Indian or foreign, big or small—to ensure full legal liability when handling personal data of Indian citizens.”

He further emphasized, “In cases of non-compliance with Indian regulations, severe financial penalties will be levied, and repeated violations can lead to companies being blocked.”

The minister highlighted that the Act would effectively curb the misuse and exploitation of personal data by certain companies.

Chandrasekhar expressed his belief that the bill would induce a significant shift in behavior among Indian citizens and prompt all digital platforms dealing with their personal data to adopt a more responsible approach.