Amrit Dharohar Yojana will take care of India’s ecosystems. Know how it will impact India’s environment and also create employment opportunities.

Amrita Dharohar Yojana: Government of India has come up with a new scheme to preserve and conserve those areas of India that have got a complete ecosystem of wetlands. To preserve it, the Government of India has come up with the Amrit Dharohar Yojana. This project will not only leave a deep mark on the environment but the project will also create employment opportunities for people living near UN lands and countries. Pollution and unemployment will decrease.

Complete information about wetlands

A wetland is a complete eco system where all important parts of life exist. It not only protects the environment but also creates many employment opportunities. Sufficient amount of water is provided inside it. There are many plants around it which are very good for human body. These wetlands are found in places where water flows 12 times in 12 months. An entire system runs on wetlands and all animals depend on them.

Because of wetlands there is no shortage of water in the country. In areas where wetlands are found, clean air is available and the human body is absolutely healthy and prosperous.

Amrit Dharhohar Yojana

Ministry of Budget and Amrit Dharhohar Yojana

Govt of India talked about conservation of wetlands in the budget 2023-24, for which Govt of India also passed a very good budget. In this budget, the Government of India has given much attention to the importance of mangrove plantations and biodiversity on the environment. The main objective of Amrit Dharohar Yojana is to make the local people living around the wetlands use it so that they understand that they need to conserve it and the Government of India will also participate in wetland conservation. Carbon stocks and ecotourism.

Amrit Dharhohar Yojana will provide employment opportunities

The Indian government plans to expand the eco-tourism sector in the wetlands from 2023 to 2025, which can be used by local communities and become a source of income for people living near the area.


Wetlands come under the “Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC)”. Which plays an important role in protecting India’s environment and ecosystem.

Amrit Heritage Project

Which areas will benefit from Amrit Dharohar project?

16 regions of India have been selected by the Government of India where this Raja will rule.

Under this, the common people living near the wetlands will also be included in the training program and those who successfully complete the training program will also be given a certificate. ALP will manage these issues easily.


As important as cultural diversity is in India, its environment is equally important and important. Government of India started Amrit Dharohar Yojana by keeping ISI stuff from Madin. The scheme will run between 2023 and 2025, selecting 16 areas where wetlands are most abundant. Under this project, apart from wetland conservation, common people will also be given employment opportunities. This will not only protect India’s environment, but also help improve the world’s environment. This scheme is a big step for public of Indian government.

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