Dev new movie Pradhan Trailer out | Watch Now


Introduction: Dev new movie Pradhan Trailer is out, Dev the maestro of versatility, continues to captivate audiences with his diverse roles in films. From portraying a college student to expressing love as ‘Prajapati’ for his father and embodying the freedom fighter ‘Bagha Jatin,’ Dev now surprises fans as a commanding police officer in uniform in the upcoming film ‘Pradhan.’

Dev new movie Pradhan Trailer out | Watch Now
Dev new movie Pradhan Trailer out | Watch Now

 Action-Packed Glimpse Unveiled in ‘Pradhan’ Trailer

Director Abhijit Sen’s latest project, ‘Pradhan,’ has dropped its trailer, offering a sneak peek into Dev’s action-packed avatar in the film. ‘Pradhan’ narrates the story of an uncompromising police officer who takes a stand against corruption, aligning himself with the common man. Dev collaborates with Soham Chakraborty, who also dons the role of a police officer, while Anirban Chakraborty portrays the antagonist. Soumitrisha Kundu is featured opposite Dev, accompanied by notable artists like Paran Banerjee and Mamta Shankar. ‘Pradhan’ is set to hit the screens this Christmas.

Director Abhijit Sen’s Perspective on ‘Pradhan’

Director Abhijit Sen shares his excitement, stating, “After ‘Tonic,’ ‘Pradhan’ offered me the opportunity to collaborate again with two of my favorite actors, Dev and Parnada. The onscreen chemistry between the two is incredible, and working with such a talented cast has been a wonderful experience. I am confident that the audience will witness a new Anirvan Chakraborty, and we have endeavored to create a memorable film.”

 Christmas Clash with Shahrukh’s ‘Dinky’

While ‘Pradhan’ gears up for a Christmas release, it faces stiff competition from Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Dinky.’ Despite the tough competition, the trailer of ‘Pradhan’ suggests that the film is poised to make a significant impact in the Tollywood arena.


Conclusion: As Dev steps into the shoes of a formidable police officer in ‘Pradhan,’ audiences can anticipate a thrilling cinematic experience this Christmas. The clash with Shahrukh Khan’s release adds to the excitement, promising a fierce battle at the box office. Stay tuned for the much-anticipated unveiling of ‘Pradhan’ in Tollypara.

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