How to take loan without pan card

How to take loan without pan card – Hello friends, we all know how important PAN card is for every person. Having a PAN card is very important for all of us as it is a document with the help of which we can get an instant loan from any bank.

But still there are many people who don’t have PAN card or lost PAN card and want to take loan but can’t. Are you one of them? So no need to worry because today in this article I will tell you how you can get loan without PAN card.

And along with that, I will also tell you what the loan process is going to be and what documents you need to have other than PAN card, with which you can get loan very easily and so on. Gino You have to remember when you win. Without delay let’s start today’s article.

How to take loan without PAN card? How to take loan without PAN card

PAN Card, also known as Permanent Account Number, is an identity card used for all government purposes. For example, if you need to take a loan from a banking organization or a credit card from a bank, then your PAN card is used for all these important tasks, only then you will get the loan or credit card.

But at the same time, if you don’t have PAN card, you can take Shree Lean without PAN card. According to the Government of India, the PAN card helps the government to manage civic affairs, one for each citizen. PAN card is generally used for transactions above ₹50,000.

But if you don’t have a PAN card, you can take a loan from a bank without a PAN, but you can get a maximum loan of ₹50,000. To get more than this you will need PAN card So if you want to take a work loan of ₹50,000, you can get a loan without PAN card.

And the applicant can use this loan amount for various purposes like education, marriage ceremony, any festival, any emergency expenses, celebration etc. No matter how much loan you take, all these loans will be deposited in your bank within a short period of time. But what is the loan eligibility? Let’s find out first.

How to take loan without pan card

Loan Eligibility Without PAN Card – Bina PAN Card Ke Loan Case Le

To take loan from any bank without PAN card you need to follow the necessary eligibility. What are those essential qualifications? Check out all the points given below.

● Any person applying for the loan must be a citizen of India only then the loan will be given to you.

● Age of the applicant should be minimum 18 years and maximum 65 years. If you are between these ages then you will get a loan from the bank without any problem.

● Applicant must have any kind of business or job, only then the bank will trust you and give you interest amount.

● Applicant’s monthly income should be minimum ₹ 15.000 or more.

● One very important qualification to get a loan is the civil score. If you know what CIBIL score is then you will know but for those who don’t know CIVIL score is a score that shows whether you have paid your credit card interest rate on time or not in the past from a bank. To get a bank loan, your civil score should be at least 750 or higher.

Documents required to take loan without PAN card: How to take loan without PAN card

PAN card itself is a very important document that all banks use to successfully KYC the applicant while granting loans. But if you don’t have PAN card, without it there is another important document with which the bank will be able to give you loan very easily.

1. Aadhaar Card

2. Voter ID Card

3. Electricity bill

4. Employment proof certificate 5. Your last 3 months salary slip

6. Your bank statement for the last 3 months

7. Any other government recognized ID card will help a lot in your loan process.

How to take loan without pan card

How to Apply for Loan Online Without PAN Card

To apply online loan without PAN card, first I will tell you below steps, by following which you can easily get loan online without PAN card. For this you need to follow each step very carefully.

Step 1: First you need to visit the official website of the bank or you can open the mobile application of the bank.

Step 2: Now you have to click on personal loan section and then apply for loan for amount less than ₹ 50,000.

Step 3: Now you need to share all these information like your aadhaar card, voter id card, electricity bill etc on the website but you need to complete your KYC.

Step 4: After that, you will receive an OTP message from the company on your registered mobile number.

Step 5: You have to fill the message in OTP option and the company will verify it successfully, after that you have to select the loan period for the loan amount.

Step 6: After all these processes, your loan application will be successfully submitted and you will have to wait some time for approval from your bank. The loan amount will be credited to your bank account within some time.

Loan App Without PAN Card – Kelon Casse Le App Without PAN Card

You will find many applications on the internet for taking loans without PAN card, but many of them are applications that do not work and you may face many problems in taking loans. Therefore, I will tell you the names of some of the best applications through which you will be able to easily get a loan without PAN card.

1. Aadhaar housing
2. True balance
3. Money View
4. Friend loan
5. Navel
6. Pay Sense
7. Money Tap
8. Rich
9. Neil
10. Chase App
11. Home Credit
12. Pay Me India
13. Indie Lands
14. RupeeRedee
15. Ring
16. Mpoxket
17. What?
18. Credit b

Some Important Points to Take Loan Without PAN Card
● Applicant must have a good civil credit score.

● To be eligible for a personal loan one must have a good credit score and this credit score should be between 500 to 900.

● Whenever you fill the form online for taking loan, you must fill it carefully and correctly after reading all your information.

● Borrower should be a citizen of India and his maximum age should be up to 65 years.

Who can take personal loan without PAN card?

If you don’t have PAN card, then a big question arises that people can get loan without the help of PAN card. Whenever a bank gives you a loan, it first gets information about your work so that the bank also has confidence that you can repay their loan on time.

You can get all kinds of loans without PAN card, which will be as follows

● A working person can also get loan without PAN card.

● Even if you are not working or doing any business, you can get loan from bank without PAN card.

● If you are a salaried person who is paid every month, then such person will also be given loan without PAN card very easily.

● If you are a student, you do not earn but you have a loan, you can be given a loan based on that, the only condition is that you pay the loan on time.

How to take loan without pan card

Interest and fees for taking loans without PAN card

Whenever you take a loan from any bank, you need to know how much interest you have to pay on that loan so that whenever you take a loan, you know in advance that yes, I have to pay so much interest on the loan. months have to do Let’s talk about all the loan interest and fees.

● Interest rate which is generally 1.33% per month for all loans.

● Loan processing fee will range from 2% to 8%

● Interest on overdue EMI- Whenever you make late payment on EMI, you will have to pay 2% fee or interest every month.

● Repayment period- can range from 91 days to 15 months.

● Fees as per GST – may be up to 18%.

● Late Fee – The late fee that you have to pay on EMI.

● Loan service fees may depend on the loan amount.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Get Loan Without PAN Card

Question 1. Can anyone get a personal loan without PAN card?

Yes friend, you can take personal loan without PAN card. For this first you need to have good credit score, only then banks can give you loan without PAN card.

Question 2. What to do without PAN card to take a loan?

To take loan without pan card, first you can apply online or offline and apart from pan card you should have all the required documents which will be asked from you, only because of them you will get loan.

Q3. How much loan will you get without PAN card?

You can get a maximum loan of ₹50,000 without a PAN card.

Q4. Is it necessary to have a good credit score to get a loan from PAN card?

Yes, your credit score should be at least between 400 to 900 to avail PAN card loan.

Conclusion How To Get Loan Without PAN Card

So friends, today in this article we have learned how to get loan without pan card. Got a lot of information on how to get loan without pan card (Binapan kard ke loan kase le). If you don’t have PAN card or your PAN card is lost but you need a loan, then you can take loan from bank without PAN card using the methods mentioned by me.