India’s textile industry will expand under PM Mitra Yojana, providing employment to crores of people.

Textile industry is one of the oldest industries in India. It is also considered as the backbone of India. This industry plays an important role in India’s GDP and India’s development. This industry has been reshaping the state and direction of India not just today but for thousands of years. And to help this industry, Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi came up with PM Mitra (PM Mitra Yojana). Under this scheme, the Government of India will help those people who want to create their new business, who want to do so. Start their business Government of India will provide support to all of them under Pradhan Mantri Mitra Scheme so that all industries can play a vital role in the development of India.

Pradhan Mantri Mitra Yojana will create large textile parks and provide employment to lakhs of people.

The main objective of PM Mitra Yojana is to create big textile parks in India, inside these parks you will find all kinds of modern facilities and infrastructure, which will help India and its traders in every type of textile production.

Be it raw material or any kind of assistance. PM Mitra Yojana scheme will help you in all aspects. The main objective of PM Mitra (PM Mitra) scheme is to make India number one globally in textile industry and export industry and promote millions of new jobs in India. Also

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PM Mitra Yojana will change the Indian textile industry modelPicture of Ustry

PM Mitra (PM Mitra) scheme has a vision of 5F per base From Form to Fabric to Factory to Fashion to Foreign These five F visions aim to make India self-reliant and make India number one again in the world of textile industry. .

PM Mitra Yojana (PM Mitra Yojana) targets and budgets more than 4000 crores provided by the Government of India.

The Government of India aims to bring India back to the number one position on the global stage in the textile industry. For this, Government of India will spend more than 4000 crore rupees in India’s textile industry under PM Mitra scheme and at the same time textile parks will be created which will solve every problem related to textile industry.

This park is located at the following places

These will be built in cities and states:

Tamil Nadu: Virudhunagar

Telangana: Warangal

Gujarat: Navsari

Karnataka: Kalburagi

Madhya Pradesh: edge

Uttar Pradesh: Lucknow / Hardoi

Maharashtra: Amaravati 12.

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PM Mitra Yojana You need to register to avail this facility The whole process has to be done

First you need to visit the official website of PM Mitra Yojana.

Whatever assistance you require from the Government of India regarding this scheme, you will fill all the necessary documents related to that scheme on the PM Mitra scheme portal. After your registration, Government of India will give you details. of PM Mitra (PM Mitra) Scheme. will give all benefits. Screenshot 2024 03 21 014602

PM Mitra Yojanano benefits

Pradhan Mantri Mitra Yojana (You will benefit from PM Mitra scheme, reduce raw material cost and improve your efficiency.

Integrated value chain will be created under PM Mitra Yojana, through which you can sit in one place, reduce your cost of raw materials and logistics and increase your working capacity and efficiency.

Employment Generation: The project is expected to generate around 1 lakh direct and 2 lakh indirect employment per park.

World-class infrastructure: The parks will have world-class industrial infrastructure, which will attract state-of-the-art technology and promote both FDI and local investment in the textile sector.

To promote the textile industry, the Government of India has launched the PM Mitra Yojana. Under which textile plants will be set up in more than 10 states and new cities, due to which India will get new success in textile industry and small and big traders will get many benefits.

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