Kangana Ranaut criticizes Subramanian Swamy for questioning her presence at Ramleela

Kangana Ranaut: Kangana Ranaut got the opportunity to become the first woman to perform Ravana Dahan in Delhi’s Labkush Ramlila. He was the chief guest on this occasion. BJP leader Subramanian Swamy expressed strong objection to this. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the ‘X’ site. Kangana also shared a bikini photo. Bollywood’s ‘controversy queen’ turned the matter around!

Kangana Ranaut criticizes Subramanian Swamy
Kangana Ranaut criticizes Subramanian Swamy

While sharing the post of Kangana’s bikini photo on-site ‘X’, Subramaniam Swamy wrote, “According to SPG gossip, she travels frequently by air. Why only SPG gossip? Because people in the organization have done too much work. It is unbecoming of a distinguished gentleman to make him the chief guest.”

Subramaniam X

In response, Kangana wrote, “By sharing bikini photos with dirty comments, you are trying to say that I have nothing to offer in the path of politics except my body.” Ha ha, I am an artist and arguably the best in the history of Hindi cinema, a writer, director, producer, and right-wing influencer of revolution. If he were a man in my place, and if he had the potential to become a great future leader, would you have thought that he would try to enter politics at the expense of his body?”

Kangana Ranaut failed to shoot arrow at Ravana's effigy in Luv Kush Ramlila!
BJP leader Subramanian Swamy

After this, the actress wrote, “You seem to be the words of a person with a twisted mind, which reflect the inherent sensuality and lust towards women’s bodies.” Girls are not just there for sex, they have brains, brains, hands, legs, and much more that men have or need to become great leaders. So Mr. Subramaniam? ,



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