Lotus Electric SUV Price in India, Lotus Electric SUV Eletra S

Lotus Electric SUV Price: The entry of the British car manufacturer, Lotus, into the Indian automotive scene with its electric SUV marks a significant move. Renowned for crafting high-end vehicles, including supercars and luxury cars, Lotus is set to make its mark with an electric SUV. This debut outlet in Delhi signals its foray into a new segment, positioning itself in competition with notable brands like BMW and Lamborghini in the Indian market.

Lotus Electric SUV Price hits the mark in India, 600km range
Lotus Electric SUV Price hits the mark in India, 600km range

Lotus Electric SUV Price and Variants in India

The Lotus Electric SUV will hit the Indian market in three distinct variants: ELETRA, Eletra S, and Eletra R. The ex-showroom prices start at Rs 2.55 crore, reaching up to Rs 2.99 crore for the top-tier model.

Lotus Electric SUV Design and Features

Exhibiting a coupe SUV-inspired design, the Lotus Electric SUV boasts an aggressive front profile with distinctive L-shaped matrix LED headlights, an active grille, and a sizable air dam. Sporting 22-inch 10-spoke alloy wheels, its side profile exudes style and sophistication. The available dual-tone color option, black with yellow, adds an extra touch of flair.

At the rear, a substantial spoiler and a connected LED taillight unit enhance the SUV’s robust stance. Like luxury counterparts like BMW and Mercedes, the interior offers a black-themed cabin with upholstered seats, a large touch infotainment system, and meticulously designed AC vents.

Lotus Electric SUV Features and Technology

The SUV boasts a 15.1-inch floating touchscreen infotainment system that controls a majority of the vehicle’s digital features, accessible through voice commands. The luxury-focused rear passengers have a dedicated touchscreen system for managing special functionalities. Additionally, a standard 15-speaker KEF sound system complements the vehicle, with the top model upgrading to a 23-speaker, 2160-watt 3D surround system.

Lotus Electric SUV Safety and Powertrain

Safety features encompass ADAS technology with sensors for collision avoidance, blind spot monitoring, emergency braking, and more. The powertrain options include three versions: Eletre, Eletre S, and Eletre R, each equipped with a 112kWh battery, offering varying power outputs and ranges.

Competition and Future Launches

Upon release, the Lotus Electric SUV is poised to compete with models like the Jaguar I-Pace, BMW iX, and Lamborghini Urus S. Additionally, the British manufacturer is gearing up to introduce a mid-size SUV in the Indian market by 2024.

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