Now everyone will get an opportunity to study. Government of India has come up with Eklavya model scheme for village schools.

Exclusive model scheme: Education is the greatest weapon, he who has education has the greatest capital in bad life, but being such a big country, village schools in India used to lag behind in this regard, but now the Indian Govt.Eklavya Model Scheme Residential School“Under which the Government of India has decided to provide good and affordable education to Scheduled Tribes and Minor Castes studying in villages, the future of India will be in the hands of educated children and will be very bright and good.

Exclusive model scheme Objectives of Residential Schools (EMRS)

Eklavya Model Scheme Residential School (EMRS)

Eklavya Model Scheme (Eklavya Model)Different parts of IndiaC will be administered by the Government of India in the States and various Union Territories, which will fulfill the resolution under Article 275 of the Government of India to provide free education to Scheduled Tribe children. Eklavya Model Scheme (Eklavya Model)All poor and Scheduled Tribe children studying from Class 6 to Class 12 will be provided free education by the Government of India and will be supported in their pursuit of education.

Eklavya Model Scheme (Eklavya Model) The most basic suggestion is that scheduled tribe children studying in villages, who are not getting good education due to living in conservative areas, should be given free and better education.

This important feature of the Eklavya model scheme will change the lives of children in India.

Exclusive model scheme Education force is not only focused on all-round development of children, for which the Government of India has decided somewhere, some new decisions have been given for them.

Classrooms will be modern-day: As we have been seeing, the children in the villages do not have proper seating due to which they face many physical problems, but the Government of India has decided to rectify this issue and is building modern class rooms. There are also instructions. given to various organizations for

Teachers will be highly qualified and highly skilled and will also teach computer subjects: In the changing times, computer has become an important tool in the life of common man, for which the Government of India has Exclusive model Under this scheme, it has been decided to impart high computer skills to children belonging to ST, SC i.e. schedule drive castes.

Libraries and practical labs will provide: We cannot learn from others as much as we can learn from ourselves or the Government of India with this in mind Exclusive model scheme A library has also been created under this for children which is the lifeblood of the school. And through practical means, you will be able to enjoy the subject of science and play an important role in the development of India by increasing your interest in science.

Special care will be given to sports: As important as studies are in life, playing sports is equally important and the Indian government has recently come up with many new schemes to promote sports like Khel India Youth Sports and other schemes to create interest in sports in India. Awareness needs to be created and good players can be produced.

Eklavya Model Scheme Residential School (EMRS)


Education is the greatest weapon of man. Government of India is keeping an eye on ISI. Exclusive model It came up with a residential school under the schedule of which free education would be given to children belonging to tribal castes. Government of India has decided to spend 5931 crores for this. India’s future will be with this money. will be improved and it will be given a new direction.

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