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Seva Bhoj Yojana: Seva, which is described as the highest religion in the scriptures of India, is still performed with full devotion and tradition in many Gurdwaras, temples, mosques and other religious places in India. And to carry forward this tradition, the Government of India has started. Seva Bhojan Yojana, which states that there will be no tax on food consumed in religious places, so those things will also become cheaper and food can be served at all religious places with full devotion. Today we will discuss. We have brought complete information about this scheme.

The main objective of Seva Bhoja Yojana

Under this scheme, the Central Goods and Services Tax and the portion of Central Government Integrated Goods and Services Tax, levied on food items, will not be taxed. Due to which no tax shall be levied on food items used in religious places, places of pilgrimage and Bhandaras, which will automatically bring down the price of the articles used there, so that every person can get food in the Bhandaras or Bhandaras. place He will prosper and never go hungry. This is a small but important step that will ensure the safety of humanity.

The benefit of this scheme is given to those institutions which provide food or langar or store without any fee and who feed every person free of charge without any discrimination. This central scheme is given by the Government of India only to those individuals.

Seva Bhoj Yojana

Seva Bhoj Yojana Activity types supported under

  1. Providing free food and langar
  2. Providing free food to devotees
  3. This includes all Gurdwaras, religious ashrams, dargas etc.
  4. Financial assistance will be provided on the basis of first-come-first-step registration. Further, it will depend on the availability of funds during the financial year.


1. Seva Bhoj Yojana When did it start?

This scheme was launched by the Government of India on August 1, 2018.

2. Seva Bhoj Yojana What benefits can I get?

Under Seva Yojana, there is no tax on food consumed in temples, mosques and other places of pilgrimage.

3. How many peopleSeva Bhoj Yojana What is the budget?

The total budget of Seva Bhojan Yojana is more than 322 crore rupees.

Project namepurposeEligibility Criteriaconvenience
Service Banquet Plan 1Provision of food at religious placesTemples, religious institutionsFood aid and donations
Service Banquet Plan 2Assistance in social and cultural activitiesOrganization of societyFinancial assistance for group meals

Seva Bhoj Yojana


Seva Bhoj Yojana Government of India helps only those people who give free food and free storage to every people without any discrimination.

Seva Bhoj Yojana It was launched by the Government of India in 2018. Under which the Government of India waives GST on national goods. which is taken for use in pilgrimage or religious places. Through this, organized stores or other public facilities in India will run faster and better and no person in India will be able to go hungry. Today we have provided you all the information related to this project from our blog.

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