Now it is easy for youngsters to enhance their skills. Under Pradhan Mantri Dakshin Yojana Government of India will help skill development, they will get employment and get Rs 1500 per month.

PM Daksh Yojana: In the changing era, the demand for skills has increased a lot, those who have good skills have good jobs, but people living in villages and lower castes who can get good skills for more money. Can’t afford it. They are somewhere behind in this race.

That is why, keeping these issues in mind, Government of India launched PM Dakshin Yojana, OBCs and Other Backward Classes are included under this scheme. Under PM Daksh (Skill Training) program of Government of India, youth will learn new and better skills and also get new employment opportunities.

Pradhan Mantri Dakshin Yojana will enhance the skills of youth

PM Dakshin Yojana was implemented by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India in 2021-22. Under this scheme, Government of India provides higher skill courses to the backward castes and those who are poor and the Government of India wanted to play an important role in their further development and give them new employment opportunities, so the Government of India launched the Pradhan Mantri Dakshin Yojana for the youth of India.

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You will get these new benefits from PM Dakshin Yojana

Free Training: Government of India will provide 100% free training and skills of youth will also be improved significantly.

You will get Rs 1000 to 1500: At the end of this scheme, Government of India has also taken the initiative that whoever gets more than 80% attendance will be given Rs 1500 under PM Daksh Yojana (PM Daksh), India. They will be given by the government, the necessary expenses will also be allocated and they will be taught new skills. There will be encouragement.

₹ 2500 to be given in UP Skill Programme: Government of India will give ₹ 2500 per month to those people who register themselves in the skill program under PM Daksh (PM Daksh Yojana). It will make your life much easier.

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What kind of training will be provided?

Pradhan Mantri Dakshin Yojana provides various skill development programs to the youth.

First comes the sub-coaching or reskilling programme: under this, the Government of India teaches you a new skill in a span of 35 to 36 hours, on which the total cost to the Government of India comes to ₹3000 to ₹8000.

The second skill is the Empowerment Development Programme: Under which the Government of India teaches you new skills at a cost of ₹ 7000 per person for 90 hours ie 15 days. i am

Long Term (Long Term Plan): The Government of India spends a total of Rs 45,000 per person for those people who need long term skills, providing 350 hours to each candidate to develop a new skill.

Income criteria for availing PM Daksh scheme

There is no income criteria for PM Daksh Yojana for OBC and sweepers, who have any income criteria, you can apply for PM Daksh Yojana and improve your skills. You can improve your life by increasing it.

For those who belong to EBC or OBC caste, the Government of India has set the criteria that only those people whose annual income is less than 3 lakh rupees will be able to avail the benefits of Pradhan Mantri Dakshin Yojana.

PM Dakshin Yojana


PM Daksh Yojana will change the future of youth and they will be able to improve their lives. This scheme is only for OBCs, sweepers and other backward castes and poor people who cannot learn good skills by paying much money. Government of India has come up with Prime Minister Postal Scheme.

Under this scheme, you will not only be trained, but if you commit to learning multiple skills with sheer hard work, the Government of India will give you ₹ 1500 to ₹ 2500, with which you will be able to easily meet your living expenses.

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