Top 10 Thrillers: Dreaded films like ‘Animal’ will shock your heart after watching them


Top 10 Thriller Movies: As you all know that this is the last month of the year, and everyone expects this. That something exciting should happen in the last month of the year. Recently a movie has come out, anima movie Which is giving a different identity among the people. There is a lot of bloodshed in that movie, and people are also liking this movie a lot.

top 10 thriller movies

For those who search for movies like Animal, here is a similar one. top 10 thriller movies There is a list of. Which can be seen by going to OTT. Here is the list of movie names below.

1. Toby Movies

In this film there is a goddess of death and a serial killer named Raksha. The goddess of death comes to earth in incarnation and takes revenge from the serial killer demon. This film is very gory and also mysterious. This film has been made in many languages.

2. Chimneys Movies

This film is based on two twin brothers. This film is the story of two twin brothers. One is fighting over a guitar. Because there are drugs worth Rs 100 crore in that guitar and meanwhile a fight scene happens and during the fight scene there is a fight between them. There is a lot of bloodshed.

3. Silence of the lame

This film is very exciting, there is a serial killer in this film. Who kills girls and becomes his own screen body. Let us tell you that there is a lot of bloodshed in this film. Which can cause harm to weak hearts.

4. Omkara

Ajay Devgan is in this film. Who is shown as a criminal who kills his wife on her wedding day. Let us tell you that a lot of bloodshed has been shown in this film also.

5. Raman Raghav 2.o

Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who is a great actor, is portraying such a colorful story in his film. In which 40 people are being killed by being killed on the road. There is a lot of gore in this film too.

6. No smoking:

This film is being described as a horror film. In this film, the ghost himself appears in front of a person who is smoking, and he makes a lot of efforts to make the person stop smoking.

7. Por Thozil

This film is said to be very mysterious. In this film, after 50 years the police is going to track down the serial killer. But the serial killer is dead. So it remains to be seen where the police will end up. This film is also based on bloodshed.

8. Memories of Mauder

In this film there is a killer who kidnaps girls every day. In this film he picks up 14 girls and he does not get caught by the police. And exploits the girls and kills them.

9. Joker

This film shows how the world can turn an ordinary person into a joker. And it can also become deadly. Joker’s story is important in this film.

10. The Godfather

This film is very exciting. No attempt has been made to make this film till date. This film is being said to be different from all other films. The film which has not been made till date.

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