Pippa Movie Review: Ishaan Khattar’s new film fails to live up to expectations

The recent release of ‘Pippa’ has sparked a heated debate among Bengalis, particularly due to A.R. Rahman’s rendition of ‘Karaar Ae Lauh Kapat.’ The film, set against the backdrop of the 1971 Liberation War, has caused a stir on social media with a growing number of protest posts.

Pippa Movie Review: Ishaan Khattar's new film fails to live up to expectations
Pippa Movie Review: Ishaan Khattar’s new film fails to live up to expectations

‘Pippa’: Unveiling a Controversial Rendition

Directed by Raj Krishna Menon, ‘Pippa’ unfolds in approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes, offering audiences an insight into the historical context of the Bangladesh Liberation War. The film delves into the narrative through the lens of Brigadier Balram Singh Mehta, drawing from the book ‘The Burning Face,’ which vividly portrays the war’s realities.

Critical Lens: Evaluation and Critique

While the film attempts to capture the essence of the Liberation War, some critics argue that the portrayal falls short of delivering the emotional weight and sentiments associated with the historical events. There’s a discrepancy in conveying the depth of the war, struggle, and sacrifice, missing the resonance of the Indian sentiments within the conflict.

Character Dynamics and Plot: A Tale of Brothers

The narrative unfolds as a family grapples with the impact of war, focusing on the two sons, Ram and Valli. The story delves into the conflict between the brothers, where the focus on Valli’s transformation into Brigadier Balram Singh Mehta seems to overshadow the broader canvas of the liberation struggle.

Artistic Choices and Performances

While actor Ishaan Khattar shines in his role, the film’s characterization, especially that of Mrinal Tagore’s Radha, fails to fully resonate. The performances by Soni Razdan, Priyanshu Penulio, and Chandrachud Raj also lack depth, contributing to the film’s perceived shortcomings.

Conclusion: A Critical Verdict

The presentation of ‘Karaar Ae Lauh Kapat’ in the film, along with Rahman’s rendition, has been a point of contention, contributing to the overall perceived lack of vitality in ‘Pippa.’

In Summary

Although ‘Pippa’ endeavors to narrate a significant historical episode, it faces criticism for not fully capturing the emotional depth and historical resonance, with specific attention to character development and artistic rendition. The film’s focus on individual heroism rather than the broader historical context has drawn mixed reactions and may impact its reception among audiences.

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