PM Narendra Modi is now a Grammy nominee, his song ‘Abundance in Millets’ gets approval

PM Narendra Modi is now a Grammy nominee, and his song ‘Abundance in Millets‘ gets approval. The special composition, ‘Abundance in Millets’, crafted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Grammy Award-winning Indian-American singer Falu (Falguni), alongside singer Gaurav Shah, has been nominated for a Grammy Award. This song aims to highlight the significance of millet in combating world hunger.

PM Narendra Modi is now a Grammy nominee, his song 'Abundance in Millets' gets approval
image: Twitter

Falu, sharing her experience in an interview, disclosed that the idea to write about millets came to her after meeting Modi in New Delhi following her Grammy win. During their interaction, Modi suggested creating a song that emphasizes the crucial role of millets in addressing hunger issues, leveraging the power of music for social change and human welfare. Stressing the nutritional benefits of millets, Modi expressed India’s commitment to promoting this ‘super grain’.

The video for ‘Abundance in Millet’, featuring the Prime Minister, is now available, promoting millet farming and its role in ending world hunger. Falu shared her enthusiasm about working with Modi, emphasizing the significance of their collaboration, including the Prime Minister’s voice narrating certain segments within the song.

In an interview, Falguni Shah said about Modi, ‘Writing for him is one thing and writing with him is another. In between the songs, you will also hear his speech written and narrated in his own voice. This is a big opportunity for any artist.

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