Police Arrest Urfi Javed, video goes viral on net

Police Arrest Urfi Javed Video Goes Viral: Controversy Surrounding Her Bold Fashion Choices, A recent video depicting the arrest of Urfi Javed has taken social media by storm. The video shows two female officers apprehending Urfi from a coffee shop and escorting her to a police car. In the video, Urfi can be heard questioning the reason behind her arrest, raising concerns about the consequences of wearing bold clothing.

Urfi Javed new video goes viral on Social Media
Urfi Javed’s new video goes viral on Social Media

Urfi is known for her unique and eye-catching fashion choices, which frequently grab the attention of her followers. Her videos often go viral due to her distinctive style. This particular video has sparked a wave of amusement among netizens, as neither Mumbai Police nor Urfi has issued any statements regarding the incident. It’s important to note that the authenticity of this video has not been verified by Pubnews.

Police officials detained Urfi Javed; Video Viral
image: Instagram

Urfi consistently manages to stay in the limelight with her attractive and unconventional outfits. Her social media presence keeps her fans and critics equally intrigued. While some admire Urfi’s fashion sense, others express disapproval of her bold attire. A segment of the audience has even called for legal action against her.


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