Pradhan Mantri Pranam Yojana will reduce the use of fertilizers

Pradhan Mantri Pranam Yojana: The most important part of life is our health If we are healthy then we are happy and cheerful in our life Keeping this in mind, Government of India has launched PM Pranam Yojana. It was announced by the Government of India in the budget session of 2023-24. Under which the Government of India advocated the use of fertilizers as a balancing measure. So that the nutritional value of fruits, vegetables and other food items is not lost and the people of India can lead a healthy and prosperous life.

Pradhan Mantri Pranam Yojana

Budget 2023-24: Government of India has taken an important decision related to fertilizers in Delhi.

The Government of India has devoted a large part of its budget for 2023-24 to the health of its citizens. The Pradhan Mantri Pranam Yojana also demonstrates that the Government of India has put a lot of focus on using adequate amounts of fertilizers and reducing the dependence of Indian farmers on fertilizers.

The Government of India has introduced the PM Pranam Scheme, through which farmers in India are directed to use adequate amounts of fertilizers that do not harm anyone’s health and impact the fertilizer industry. There is no pressure to produce large amounts of fertilizers. Government of India also recommends using natural fertilizers instead of fertilizers.

Objectives of Pradhan Mantri Pranaam Scheme

(PM Pranam) For PM Pranam Yojana, Government of India has decided to replace chemical fertilizers with organic fertilizers and organic fertilizers made from village dung and dung. The fertilizer aspect has been added for which the Government of India will spend about 3 crores for 2023-24. Has given a budget of lakhs of rupees.

Pradhan Mantri Pranaam Yojana is needed in India

According to data from the Indian Department of Agriculture, in 2019-20, India used 462 lakh metric tonnes of fertilizers, which is increasing by 11.40 percent every 3 years, given that the demand for fertilizers in India is quite high. is increasing and the Indian government is very aware of this, so the Indian government has talked about improving the balance of fertilizers. And for this a huge budget has been given to the farmers of India and the honorable Prime Minister of India Sheikh Hasina. Pranam Scheme till 2030. Under this, the vision is to reduce the use of fertilizers in India and use only as much as is needed.

Pradhan Mantri Pranam Yojana

Government of India is taking these steps to reduce the use of fertilizers.

Government of India has made some new policies. Through which the Government of India is working very fast in the use of fertilizers. And promoting natural fertilizers a lot.

Govt of India reduced neem coating bag by 5 kg. which was used by the Government of India in 2018 for the farmers of the country.

So that farmers can reduce the demand of urea and use natural fertilizers.


The first priority of India and the Government of India is that the people of India remain healthy and prosperous, the Government of India has launched the Pradhan Mantri Pranam Yojana in the Budget 2023-24, to balance the use of fertilizers and natural resources. Farmers can use fertilizers. This will reduce the burden on Indian fertilizer companies and people of India will not have to consume vegetables and food items made without any acid and harmful chemicals.

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