Shubman Gill Sara Tendulkar viral video


Shubman Gill Sara Tendulkar Viral Video: The 17th match of the ICC ODI World Cup 2023 was broadcast between India and Bangladesh at the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Pune. Bangladesh team batted first and yesterday 256 runs were Aimed at.

Shubman Gill Sara Tendulkar viral video
Shubman Gill Sara Tendulkar viral video

The Indian team made a great start while chasing this target. While Shubham Gill played a half-century innings, captain Rohit Sharma had 48 runs Got out after making it. This match had become quite exciting. during the match Sara Tendulkar Who is the daughter of great cricket Sachin Tendulkar. She was also visible.

during which Shubman Gill played his half-century innings, Sara Tendulkar supported Shubham Gill by chairing a boundary hit. As soon as this video of Sara Tendulkar (Shubman Gill Sara Tendulkar Viral Video) came before the people and started going viral very fast. In this video, we can clearly see that Sara gave a cheering reaction to the Shubham Gulki boundary. And this reaction is attracting people towards itself.

Sara Tendulkar impressed with Shubham Gill’s performance

If we talk about this match, Hasan was bowling in the seventh over. Shubham had hit a four on the second ball of that over. As soon as Shubham Gill hit this four, Sara Tendulkar also stood with Shubham Gill’s fans and started clapping and jumping with joy.

People said something was wrong

As soon as Shubman Gill Sara Tendulkar’s viral video Came in front of people, people shared this video again and again. Many people have made many memes on this through their Instagram pages. This video is going viral very fast. People are writing in its caption that, Something is fishy, Actually, it is being speculated that some love relationship is established with Shubham Gill. Both of them are also dating each other.

Dating news of Sara Tendulkar and Shubham Gill

However, a few days ago there was also news in the media that Sara Tendulkar is dating Shubham Gill. And their dating picture was also brought in front of the people. But this news has not been completely confirmed. This news can also be false because such false news is presented to the people every day. So it is possible that this news also belongs to the same category.

Sara Tendulkar had gone to support Shubham

Shubman Gill Sara Tendulkar’s viral video

As soon as this video has gone viral on the internet, everyone is talking only about this. Every other cricket lover is discussing this issue today. People are also posting statuses about this on their WhatsApp. Many people are also saying that Sara Tendulkar had gone only to support Shubham Gill.

Something is going on between them, although neither of them has come in front of the media and given any statement that would reveal what is going on between them. But still, the media is constantly trying to contact them, so that they can get some updates about their relationship.

what about Shubham Gill Shubman Gill Sara Tendulkar’s viral video But the reaction?

Although till now Shubham Gill Shubman Gill Sara Tendulkar’s viral video no update has been given. But this news must have reached them also. because this Subhman Gill Sarah Tendulkar viral Video Has been completely circulated on the internet. Now in such a situation, his fans are eagerly waiting for his reaction.


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