The SPARC scheme has brought about a research ecosystem that will change the face of India.

The SPARC Yojana (SPARK) program has been launched by the Government of India, under which much attention will be given to research and science in India. For which the Government of India under Spark program will work to promote research in India not only in India but also in the world with the help of the best universities. Today we will tell you through our blog how you can take advantage of this scheme, and fulfill your dream of becoming a scientist or researcher.

The SPARC scheme will transform India’s research ecosystem

SPARC Yojana means (Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Cooperation)

Which was launched by the Ministry of Human Resources of India, under which research activities will be promoted in India, people who have great interest in research will also be supported by the Government of India, so that it will grow the field of research in India. The number of working people may also increase and this may add another golden leaf to the field of research in Indian history.

Spark Project

How does the SPARC project work?

Under the SPARC scheme, Indian institutions collaborate with foreign research institutions to jointly promote research projects.

Students and all teachers come together to conduct collaborative research activities that also enhance children’s thinking and understanding.

All the students who have to travel from one place to another during the research project are managed by the Government of India, due to which there is no problem for the research students.

How to Join the SPARC Program

First you need to register with the SPARC program.

After that you need to use the portal to upload the application and your documents.

And then you will be asked for the last semester marksheet which you have to upload on the portal so that you can be identified.

You also need to upload a picture of yourself in JPG format.

You should also prepare your 2 to 3 page resume. And upload to that portal.

You need to remember that this resume is about research and how you can help the government in research. It should be above.

For which Government of India will cover you under this scheme.

Benefits of SPARK Yojana

Advantages and benefits of SPARC scheme

Under this scheme, India’s bilateral relations will be very strong and India will also help countries where research projects are not doing well at present.

Under the SPARC project, students studying in India and around the world who want to make their career in the field of research can improve their lives and play a vital role in the progress of their country by joining this field.


Under the SPARC project, the Prime Minister of India said that all people associated with research and development should be supported by the Government of India and the research system of India should also be improved. Under this scheme, children and large institutions who want to participate in research projects can join the Government of India through the SPARC project and play an important role in the development of India and their country.