Trupti Dimri on animal intimate scene with Ranbir Kapoor

Since the release of ‘Animal,’ the spotlight has been on Nana Muni for various reasons. Amidst the controversies, actress Trupti Dimri has emerged as a national crush, overshadowing the film’s heroine Rashmika Mandanna. Surprisingly, the fame Trupti gained from ‘Animal’ surpassed that of her previous works like ‘Laila Majnu,’ ‘Kaala,’ or ‘Bulbul.’ Overnight, her Instagram followers tripled, signifying a significant shift in her popularity.

Trupti Dimri on animal intimate scene with Ranbir Kapoor
Trupti Dimri on animal intimate scene with Ranbir Kapoor

However, with praise came sarcasm. Trupti faced lewd questions from netizens, particularly regarding the intimate scenes with Ranveer in ‘Animal.’ Some questioned if she indeed went nude during the shooting.

In a recent interview, Trupti addressed these concerns. She emphasized that an actor’s role involves taking on challenges, and she willingly embraced the opportunity presented by ‘Animal.’ Trupti shared that the nude scene was less challenging than the rape scene in ‘Bulbul.’ During the shoot, only Ranveer, herself, the director, and the cameraman were present. Ranveer repeatedly checked if she was comfortable, providing strong support. Trupti urged against unnecessary criticism of the scene.

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