will transform India’s environmental sector and help achieve the target of zero emissions by 2070

Green Credit Scheme: The Green Credit Scheme has been launched by the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change of India in Budget 2023. Under which the Government of India has decided that the Government of India has come up with this scheme to save India’s trees, conserve water and protect all other activities directly related to the environment. With this plan, India will come closer to achieving its zero emission target by 2070. And, India and the whole world will be able to breathe clean air.


The main objective of the Green Credit Scheme is to provide additional incentives in the form of green loans. Under the Green Credit Scheme, the Government of India is also trying to spread awareness on many issues and make India pollution free by adopting environment-friendly activities like afforestation programs, water conservation etc.

Green credit

How to register to participate in the Green Credit Scheme

First you should visit the website of Government of India. www.moefcc-gcp.in1but you have to go and register.

After that, the activities will be verified by Indian government agencies. After successful verification, your Green Credit Certificate will also be given to you, along with Utilization Certificate, Government of India will give you many benefits. in the future

Eight sectors that may be eligible to generate credit under the Green Credit Scheme

Plantation Based Green LoansTo promote activities of increasing green cover across the country through plantation and ancillary activities.
Water-based green creditPromoting water conservation, water harvesting and water use efficiency/conservation, including wastewater treatment and reuse.
Sustainable agriculture-based green creditPromote natural and regenerative agricultural practices and land restoration to improve productivity, soil health and nutritional value of food produced.
Waste management-based green loansPromote sustainable and improved practices for waste management including collection, segregation and treatment
Air pollution reduction-based green creditPromoting measures to reduce air pollution and other pollution-prevention activities.
Mangrove conservation and restoration-based green creditPromote mangrove conservation and restoration measures
Ecomark-based green creditEncouraging manufacturers to obtain Eco-Mark labels for their products and services
Green loans based on sustainable buildings and infrastructureEncouraging construction of buildings and other infrastructure using sustainable technologies and materials


1. What is Green Credit Scheme?

Improving India’s environmental sector and reducing carbon emissions.

2. How to Apply for Green Credit Scheme

To get green credit, individuals and organizations must register their activities through the central government’s dedicated app/website (www.moefcc-gcp.in).

3. When was Green Credit Scheme started?

This scheme was launched by the Government of India in October 2023.

4. What are India’s environmental goals?

India aims to achieve zero emissions by 2070

Green credit


The Green Credit Scheme was launched by the Government of India in 2023. In which, the Government of India set a target that India can reduce its carbon emissions and take many important steps to protect the environment. India aims to achieve zero emissions by 2070 through all these measures, like tree protection, water conservation. And, we have given you all the information related to this project from our blog.

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