Monopoly GO: When is the Next Sticker Boom Event?

Stickers are an important collectible item in Monopoly GO. Players collect the stickers by various methods and earn rewards by completing their Sticker Sets. Collecting stickers can prove to be a hassle for many players since there are only limited ways to get your hands on them. Luckily, Monopoly GO Sticker Boom Event allows players to cash out on big rewards with the help of in-game events, including Stickers.

Sticker Boom Event is an in-game event in Monopoly GO that increases the sticker counts for players when they open a sticker pack. However, like other in-game events, this is a time-sensitive event and appears for a very short duration. With this guide, Monopoly GO players can learn more about the Sticker Boom Event and its expected release date.

Although developers at Scopely tend to avoid providing information regarding when an upcoming Sticker Boom Event may take place, the dates on which they have occurred so far can help Monopoly GO players determine when the next one may arrive. Having an idea of when the next event will occur can be a huge help, but predicting the exact date might not always be possible. For those looking for an idea of when the next Monopoly GO Sticker Boom Event may take place, this guide details the most likely timeframe.

What Is a Sticker Boom Event?

Sticker Boom Event

As mentioned above, during this event, when players open their sticker packs, they will get 50% more stickers. This event can prove to be very helpful, especially at the mid and last stages of a sticker album. And since Making Music has been live for almost more than a month, many players are only down to 4 and 5-star stickers now.

This increases the importance of the Sticker Boom even more. Moreover, its occurrence isn’t as frequent as it used to be, so many players are wondering when the next one will take place. Unfortunately, unlike previous Partner Events, the rewards won’t include a Sticker Boom either. The table below showcases the number of stickers included in a pack, with and without the Sticker Boom event.

Sticker PackWith Sticker Boom EventWithout Sticker Boom Event
Green (1-Star Stickers)32
Orange (2-Star Stickers)53
Purple (3-Star Stickers)53
Blue (4-Star Stickers)64
Pink (5-Star Stickers)96
Galaxy (Missing Stickers Guaranteed)96

Since the Sticker Boom is active for a very short time (usually 1 hour), players must aim to open their sticker packs while it is active.

When is the Next Sticker Boom Event?

Unfortunately, Scopely does not release any information regarding this event; they appear in the game randomly. Having better insights about the event’s previous appearances can help predict the likeliness of the next one to come. Let’s take a look at the dates of previous events:

Event DateGap From Previous Event
April 151 Day
April 1410 Days
April 49 Days
March 2614 Days
March 136 Days
March 77 Days
February 292 Days
February 24-27 (Galactic Treasure Reward)7 days
February 18, 20246 Days
February 12, 2024 (Partner Event)7 Days
February 5, 20247 Days
January 28, 20247 Days
January 20, 20247 Days
January 13, 20245 Days
January 8, 20244 Days
January 4, 20242 Days
January 2, 20242 Days

Based on the previous pattern of event dates (except the last one), it’s challenging to predict when the next event will occur. However, considering that the album is currently midway through completion, players should anticipate Sticker Boom happening less frequently. As such, we can expect the next event to take place at the start of May.