Ather will build 2500 EV charging stations in the country by 2023

Ather will build 2500 EV charging stations in the country by 2023


Pubnews: Ather will build 2500 EV charging stations in the country by 2023. The use of electric vehicles is increasing rapidly all over the world to prevent environmental pollution. The situation is almost the same in India. But just as adequate pumps are essential for fossil fuel-powered vehicles, electric charging stations are essential for electric vehicles. What electric vehicle companies haven’t figured out yet. Now, one of the leading electric two-wheeler companies in the country, Athar Energy has announced their new initiative to build EV charging stations.

What did Ather say?

Ether said it will build over 2,500 charging stations in India by 2023. They have already started working. In this regard, Ether said that they have so far completed the installation of 1,000 EV charging stations in 80 cities of the country.

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In an official statement, the company said, its Fast Charging Station i.e. Ether Grid is currently the largest two-wheeler charging network in India. 60% of which are located in second and third-tier cities of the country. In this context, Aether Energy Chief Business Officer Ravneet Phokela said, “A mature charging infrastructure is key to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles.”

“As a company that wants to build a robust EV ecosystem, we have invested heavily in building India’s largest public fast-charging network,” added Phokela. In his words, “At present, emphasis is being placed on the construction of charging stations in various areas including housing, offices, technical parks.”

1,000 EV charging stations in 80 cities

“We are committed to making strategic investments and supporting the growth of the EV industry,” he said. Incidentally, in January 2023, Ether Energy touched the record for selling the most electric scooters in a single month. Which amounts to 12,419 units. As a result, the country’s third-largest electric two-wheeler manufacturer has added a feather to its crown. They plan to open 150 showrooms in 100 cities by March.


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