Driverless robot cars hit busy streets for the first time

Driverless robot cars hit busy streets for the first time

Pubnews: Driverless robot cars hit busy streets for the first time. Zoox, a subsidiary of Amazon, has announced the successful completion of its first self-driving car trial. Even this testing process is conducted jointly by the employees of the company. They were present as passengers in the car. In California, USA, a robotaxi has been driven between two buildings on a public road.

Jux is an American company that builds cars from scrap. Who makes fully self-driving vehicles? Surprisingly, there is no steering wheel in this car. It has seating for four passengers. There are seating areas facing each other. The main goal of this technology development is to create significant precedents in the respective fields.

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“We are happy to test the vehicle on the open road and prove its suitability for use in a variety of applications. This is certainly a big step. But the ultimate success will only be achieved when it becomes possible,” Jax CEO Aisha Evans told Reuters. adapted for commercial use.”
This is the world’s first example of a driverless design robotaxi carrying passengers on public roads. However, Evans did not give any information about the launch time of this car. Incidentally, in 2020, Amazon, one of the world’s e-commerce giants, bought Jux for $1.3 billion, or around Rs 10,760 crore.

Meanwhile, Jax chief technology officer Jesse Levinson said, “The company is on track to hire 2,500 workers this year. Earlier this year, the company had fewer than 2,000 employees. Currently, this self-driving vehicle is increasing our value in the market. Who knows, maybe we’re all-in on robotics!”


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