Elon Musk introduces new Twitter CEO

Elon Musk introduces new Twitter CEO


Pubnews: Elon Musk introduces new Twitter CEO. Recently, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding Elon Musk’s actions after he bought Twitter. Musk fired Twitter’s Indian-born CEO Parag Agarwal, and some speculated that it was because Agarwal was going to court against Musk. The court ultimately ordered Musk to complete the deal with Twitter as previously agreed, which he eventually did.

But Kasturi’s behavior did not stop there. He recently shared a photo on Twitter of his pet dog, Flaky, wearing a T-shirt that says “CEO” and sitting on a chair. In the caption, Musk claims that Flaky is Twitter’s new CEO and more capable than dust.

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The post sparked a lot of debate and controversy, with many people questioning Musk’s actions and comments. Some even accused him of disrespecting Twitter’s former CEO. However, Musk did not respond to these criticisms.

It remains to be seen how Twitter’s ownership of Mask will affect the platform and its users in the long run. Some fear that his actions could have a negative impact on the company, while others are optimistic about the changes Musk can bring. Only time will tell.


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