Facebook deliberately kills smartphone batteries, claims ex-employee

Facebook deliberately kills smartphone batteries, claims ex-employee


Pubnews: Facebook deliberately kills smartphone batteries, claims ex-employee. Smartphones are used by almost everyone. Many people know that there are several apps that charge quickly when used. As a result, they are avoided by almost everyone. But did you know that Facebook intentionally drains the phone’s battery? At least this is the claim of a former employee of Facebook. What exactly is the matter?

George Hayward once worked at Zuckerberg’s Facebook. He worked as a data scientist. According to him, Facebook and Messenger can terminate the user’s mobile charges at will. But basically several features of their app work during usage. For example, testing how quickly uploading images drains the battery. This method is called a negative test.

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The young man claimed that the matter was not correct and he informed the concerned place. Because it may harm the user. But Hayward claims the company hasn’t worked on it. He also claimed that he had to lose his job because he refused to participate in the negative test.

Nowadays smartphone has become one of the means of communication. On the other hand, apps like Facebook, which everyone uses for a large part of the day, can suffer if the battery drains quickly. Hayward said it is not known how many people Facebook has created problems with in this way. But he claimed that it was illegal.


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