Google fires 453 employees in India

Google fires 453 employees in India



Pubnews: Google fires 453 employees in India. At the beginning of the year, Google announced that 6 percent of their total workforce, i.e. at least 12,000 workers, were going to be laid off. The news of this large number of layoffs naturally caused a stir. Now it is known that 453 Google workers in India have left their jobs. Mass retrenchment has started in the technology sector since last year. However, in that sense, the layoffs in India were less than in Europe or North America. But this time, companies like Google removed so many workers in one fell swoop.

It is known that the employees were informed about the layoff by mail on Thursday night. This layoff is being done in various departments of the organization. The question is, are these workers among the 12,000 workers who were told to be laid off? However, that is not yet clear.


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Last January, Google CEO Sundar Pichai (Sundar Pichai) gave the employees bad news by e-mail. He also apologized to the workers. He said, ‘I am very sorry for such a decision. I know what will be the heavy pressure on the workers. I take all the responsibility for the situation today.’ The retrenchment process started at that time. This time, 450 Indians lost their jobs.

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