Tamil Nadu Moto vlogger License Cancelled for Speeding: A Lesson in Road Safety”

Tamil Nadu Moto Vlogger License Cancelled for Speeding. In various nations, distinct strategies are employed to combat road accidents, and our country’s Transport Department has long been at the forefront of implementing road safety regulations. The Motor Vehicles Act, mandated by the government, dictates the rules for operating two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and four-wheelers on Indian roads.

Tamil Nadu Moto vlogger License Cancelled for Speeding: A Lesson in Road Safety"
Tamil Nadu Moto vlogger License Cancelled for Speeding: A Lesson in Road Safety”

Additionally, state-specific regulations are sometimes imposed to restrict vehicle speeds in urban zones and on highways. Any inadvertent rule violations may result in fines. Notably, Tamil Nadu’s renowned moto vlogger and YouTuber, TTF Vasan, recently faced fines for excessive speed while riding his motorcycle.

Moto Vlogger License Revoked for 10 Years

The Tamil Nadu Transport Department has taken a strict stance, deciding to revoke Vasan’s driving license for a decade. Consequently, he will be ineligible to legally operate a motorcycle on the road until 5 October 2033. This decision is based on a notification issued by the Tamil Nadu state government, citing Section 19(1)(d) and (f) of the regulations.

The incident unfolded on 19 September when Vasan was involved in an accident while riding his sportbike at high speed on the Chennai-Vellore Highway near Kanchipuram. He was subsequently apprehended by the police, who alleged that the accident was a direct result of excessive speed. Vasan was subsequently incarcerated.

In an attempt to secure his release, an application was submitted to the Kanchipuram District Court. Regrettably, the court denied Vasan’s bail plea. Faced with this setback, he opted to take his case to the Madras High Court. During the High Court hearing, Vasan’s legal counsel argued that he had to apply emergency brakes to avert a collision with cattle on the road, consequently causing the accident. Moreover, they highlighted Vasan’s significant injuries and lack of proper medical care in the correctional facility. Vasan asserted that he required treatment at a private hospital and vehemently denied involvement in any immoral activities.

Justice CV Karthikeyan of the Madras High Court, after considering arguments from both sides, imposed stringent conditions for Vasan’s bail. In compliance with the court’s directives, Vasan will be required to forfeit his motorcycle and cease operations on his YouTube channel. Additionally, correctional authorities were instructed to provide Vasan with appropriate medical treatment under the care of a qualified physician.

In conclusion, the recent incident involving moto vlogger TTF Vasan serves as a stark reminder of the importance of adhering to road safety regulations. The government’s commitment to enforcing these rules demonstrates the unwavering dedication to safeguarding the lives of road users. It emphasizes the need for responsible and safe driving practices on our nation’s highways.


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