Reliance brings 4G JioBook laptop, the price will be less than 15 thousand rupees

Reliance 4G Jiobook Laptop soon launch

Pubnews: Reliance brings a 4G JioBook laptop, the price will be less than 15 thousand rupees. Speculations have been rife for the past few months that Reliance Jio is working on a new budget range of laptops that will support LTE connectivity. And now a new report has revealed the launch timeline of the Reliance JioBook notebook with 4G connectivity as well as its likely price. Let’s know about it in detail.

Reliance JioBook may hit the market in 2022

According to a Reuters report, Indian company Reliance is planning to launch its new Jio-branded laptop in the country for under Rs 15,000. The laptop will be called GeoBook and Reliance will reportedly partner with chipset makers Qualcomm and Microsoft for the upcoming notebook. The Reliance JioBook will use a Qualcomm chip and Microsoft will provide support for applications on it.

Notably, the report also states that the new GeoBook laptop will be launched for enterprise customers by the end of this month. That is, the new laptop will be primarily available for educational and government institutions. On the other hand, the device will be commercially available to customers within the next three months. So, the device will be launched by the end of this year. However, no information about the launch of this new laptop has been confirmed by Reliance yet.

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However, since this is still an unconfirmed report, only time will tell how true this information is. Notably, a source revealed that the Reliance JioBook will be manufactured locally in India by contract manufacturer Flex, aiming to sell “thousands” of units by March next year. This laptop will run on Jio’s proprietary JioOS operating system and apps can be downloaded from JioStore.



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