Last-Minute Entry How R Ashwin is Changing Team India World Cup Game Plan

World Cup 2023: Last-Minute Entry How R Ashwin is Changing Team India World Cup Game Plan. In the world of Bollywood, it’s not uncommon for characters to change in films, sometimes even the lead hero or heroine. Similarly, in the world of cricket, the characters in Team India can change unexpectedly, and this change has occurred at the last minute.

Last-Minute Entry How R Ashwin is Changing Team India World Cup Game Plan

The focal point of this change is the off-spinner, R Ashwin, whose inclusion in the Indian team just before the 28th cutoff date has led to a significant alteration in the team dynamics.

Akshar Patel, due to an injury, had to step aside, and R Ashwin, often considered a “last-minute entry,” was given a chance in the ODI format after nearly 20 months. His brilliant performance in the series against Australia has stirred things up in the team’s composition.

Initially, if one were asked 15 days ago about the number one spinner in the Indian playing XI for the World Cup, the straightforward answer would have been Kuldeep Yadav. The second spinner would likely have been Ravindra Jadeja. However, in the third week of September, things took a swift turn. On September 17th, as India won the Asia Cup final, a plan was brewing in the minds of captain Rohit Sharma and coach Rahul Dravid to include an off-spinner in the World Cup squad. While Washington Sundar was also in contention, R Ashwin’s experience and his performance in the first two matches against Australia swayed the decision in his favor.

As of now, it’s uncertain whether Kuldeep Yadav will be the first-choice spinner in the Indian playing XI. The Chennai ground traditionally favors spin bowlers, so the true test of the spinner’s position will come in the matches following the Australia game. India’s next three matches are against Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, which will help determine Rohit Sharma’s preferred spinner.

Interestingly, Ravindra Jadeja remains a crucial asset in this scenario. He is likely to feature in the playing XI against both Afghanistan and Pakistan, providing depth in batting and exceptional fielding skills. The primary spinner could be either Kuldeep Yadav or R Ashwin.

R Ashwin’s stronger claim can be attributed to his performance against Australia, where he took four wickets in two matches, dismissing key Australian batsmen like David Warner, Marnus Labuschagne, and Josh English. Additionally, R Ashwin’s batting prowess surpasses that of Kuldeep Yadav, and he has even registered five centuries in Test cricket. Facing an off-spinner like R Ashwin could be challenging for left-handed Australian batsmen like David Warner and Alex Carey.

Considering all these factors, it wouldn’t be surprising to see R Ashwin featuring in the playing XI in more matches leading up to the World Cup knockout stage, demonstrating the unpredictability and last-minute character changes that can occur in the game of cricket.