Who will be the captain in T20 World Cup, Rohit or Hardik?

T20 World cup 2024: Who will be the captain in T20 World Cup, Rohit or Hardik? Team India’s defeat in the 2023 World Cup final has sparked ongoing discussions about Rohit Sharma’s role as captain in T20 and ODI formats. With the upcoming T20 World Cup in focus, there’s a growing debate on whether Rohit Sharma should step down.

Who will be the captain in T20 World Cup, Rohit or Hardik?
Who will be the captain in T20 World Cup, Rohit or Hardik?

Despite not playing T20 International for a year, BCCI remains inclined to appoint him as the captain for the T20 World Cup.

 Post-World Cup Speculation

Following India’s World Cup final loss, discussions intensified about Rohit Sharma relinquishing the captaincy. The T20 World Cup, slated for the next year, became a key point of contention. Despite Hardik Pandya leading the T20 team for the past year, BCCI aims to retain Rohit Sharma as the captain for the upcoming World Cup.

BCCI’s Efforts to Retain Rohit Sharma as Captain

The BCCI selection committee convened on November 30, raising expectations that efforts would be made to convince Rohit Sharma to continue leading the T20 team. Reports emerged that Rohit expressed his willingness to step aside from T20, creating a buzz on the day of Team India’s selection for the South Africa tour. Despite the speculations, BCCI is determined to keep him as the captain for the T20 World Cup.

Suryakumar Yadav Takes the Helm

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On Selection Day, media reports suggested Rohit Sharma’s return as T20 captain, but the official announcement revealed Suryakumar Yadav as the captain. BCCI clarified in a tweet that Rohit and Virat Kohli had requested a break from T20 and ODI series during the South Africa tour, emphasizing the board’s support for their decision.

Rohit Sharma’s Status for T20 World Cup

Contrary to earlier reports, the board had offered Rohit Sharma the T20 captaincy for the South Africa tour. However, Rohit opted for a break, showcasing the board’s flexibility. BCCI’s stance is clear – if Rohit Sharma desires to captain the T20 World Cup team, he will be appointed, considering the team’s strong performance and his standing in the dressing room.

IPL Performance Crucial for World Cup Selection

While respect among teammates and recent World Cup performance work in Rohit Sharma’s favor, his selection as captain for the T20 World Cup hinges on a strong IPL performance. BCCI emphasizes that real criteria for team selection will be based on individual performances during the IPL.


As discussions continue around Rohit Sharma’s captaincy, BCCI remains open to the possibility, considering his past contributions, team dynamics, and individual form showcased in the upcoming IPL. The road to the T20 World Cup captaincy remains uncertain, awaiting developments in the cricketing landscape.