8 new features of WhatsApp

8 new features of WhatsApp


Pubnews: 8 new features of WhatsApp. Numerous features and changes have come to WhatsApp through regular updates. Meta tests beta testers before rolling out any feature to the public version. In this post, you will know about some upcoming features of WhatsApp.

WABetaInfo has a huge community that mainly uses WhatsApp beta to inform about various upcoming features. Besides, all the latest news on WhatsApp is available at WABetaInfo. Recently it has been reported about several new beta features are coming to WhatsApp very soon.


By downloading the latest version of WhatsApp for iOS and Android, users will get the feature of creating an avatar. Stickers can be made from this. Besides, users can also set avatars as profile pictures.

Calling update

WhatsApp iOS and Android apps have seen huge improvements in terms of calling. With this new update, currently, 32 people can join the private group call. Apart from this, many new features have been added like messaging in a call, muting someone, sending an invite link to join a call, seeing the waveform of who is talking, and showing a banner when someone joins the call. iOS 15 or later users can also use the picture-in-picture feature.

profile icon

According to information from WABetaInfo, profile icons for participants in group chats have recently appeared after the 22.24.81 iOS update. This profile icon can be seen next to the chat bubble. Some iOS users reported getting this feature in previous updates.

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New emoji


WhatsApp is working to bring 21 new emojis for Android users. These Unicode 15 emojis include the new Animals, Food, Heart, and Instruments. WABetaInfo reported that a recent Android beta update has seen redesigned versions of 8 popular emojis.

Once-off text messages

WABetaInfo has reported that Android will bring a one-time texting feature. This message will go away after the recipient reads it. Currently, this feature is available for photos and videos. This content may not be copied or forwarded. Again screenshots are also blocked for this feature.

Once-off message banner


A banner will be displayed stating that no Once Off messages can be screenshotted, copied, forwarded, or saved. This feature is already seen in the WhatsApp Beta Android version.

Ability to send messages to yourself

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Users of WhatsApp version 2.2248.2.0 for Windows reported that they got the feature to message themselves on WhatsApp. Although this feature is already in Android and iOS apps, this feature was not available on desktops until now. Thanks to this new feature, end-to-end encrypted messages can be exchanged between all linked devices.

Announcement message reaction

At present no type of reaction can be provided in announcement messages. However, this feature is already available in WhatsApp beta, according to WABetaInfo, which means that this feature is likely to come to WhatsApp very soon.


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