A fun new feature has come bump in messenger

A fun new feature has come bump in messenger

A fun new feature has come bump in messenger

Pubnews: A fun new feature has come bump in messenger. Facebook Messenger has a new feature called Bump. It is reported that many Messenger users in the country have received this feature since yesterday. What is this bump feature, how to use it, and what is the function of this feature, you will know the answers to these questions in this post?

What is Bump on Messenger?

To refer to a message while chatting on Messenger, we used to reply to that message by writing something. For example: If we talked about a message 1 day ago, we used to mention that message by replying to that message. A relatively easy way to mention messages is this new feature called Bump.

Basically, a new way to mention a message in Messenger is this new Bump feature of Messenger. With the advent of this feature, there is no need to use the reply feature to mention a message in Messenger or to remind something in general.

Rules for using Bump

The bump feature is quite easy to use. If you already noticed the feature in Messenger, you might have used it by now. However, for the convenience of those who do not know, we will know how to use the Bump feature of Messenger.

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To use the bump feature in Messenger, press and hold the message you want to bump and tap the Bump option. Diameter! The message has been bumped. The bump will show an extra long line at the beginning of the message. Besides, whose message has been bumped or mentioned can be seen above the message.

If you don’t see the message bump feature by long press on the message, then tap on the More option, Bump feature should be there. This way, you can easily use the new feature of Messenger. You can tell how you like this feature in the comment section.