A New call link facility has come to WhatsApp | free tips and tricks

A new call link facility has come to WhatsApp | free tips and tricks


Pubnews: A New call link facility has come to WhatsApp. WhatsApp users can invite others to join voice and video calls, a feature coming to WhatsApp. Apart from this, others can be added to WhatsApp audio or video calls by using shareable links.

Using this new feature called Call Links, people can easily join calls with each other on WhatsApp. This feature is similar to Zoom and Google Meets.

WhatsApp users can create call links from the Calls tab. The Call Links option can be seen at the very top. After creating the link, this link can be shared with anyone using WhatsApp or not.


However, WhatsApp has not confirmed whether it is possible to join a WhatsApp call using a link without an account. But hopefully, in a few weeks, we will know whether a WhatsApp account is required to use this feature or not.

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This week WhatsApp head, Will Cathcart announced the Call Links feature in a tweet. Apart from this, Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg informed us about another new WhatsApp feature that is coming soon. In a Facebook post, Mark Zuckerberg said Meta is working on encrypted video calls of 32 people. However, Meta did not say anything about when this feature will be open to everyone.

You may already know from our post the Rules for calling on WhatsApp without saving the number. There are many more amazing features in WhatsApp.

Meta often announces new features for WhatsApp. Recently various privacy features, group chat notification updates, screenshot prevention, etc. new features are added to WhatsApp. In this way, Meta will announce new features for WhatsApp. You can tell us your opinion about the Call Links feature in the comment section.


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