One country one charger, Apple is in trouble with the government’s new measures

Apple is in trouble with the government’s new measures


Pubnews: Apple is in trouble with the government’s new measures. Nowadays, multiple electronic gadgets including smartphones and laptops have become an essential part of our daily life. So these devices need to be charged from time to time for daily use. But because gadgets have different charging ports, multiple and different chargers are required, which is why users are forced to use more than one charger. As a result, users have to spend the extra money and buy multiple chargers, and the amount of e-waste in the environment also increases to a large extent. Therefore, to solve this problem, the European Parliament has recently announced that all smart devices must have a USB Type-C port. And according to the news received in Hall, it is known that this rule may be introduced in India in the coming days.

One country, one charger

According to reports, the central government has recently taken a new initiative to curb e-waste and facilitate consumers. In the coming days, the center is planning to develop a common charger for all smart devices. As a result, in the near future, multiple gadgets will no longer need different chargers. It has been heard that the government is thinking of making the Type-C charger a common charger, but the Center has already constituted an inter-ministerial task force to take a final decision on the matter, due to which definitive rules and laws will be passed in the next few months.

The government is planning to have two common chargers

It is learned that the government is planning to give electronics product manufacturing companies the option of two common charging ports instead of one. One of these ports will be found in all common smart devices, and the other port will be available in low-cost feature phones. Undoubtedly, this new rule will not only reduce the amount of e-waste, but users will not have to face any difficulty in charging any device.

The new rule may give Apple sleep

In Hall, the government is thinking of bringing a common charger for various products including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and earbuds. As a result, the world-famous tech giant Apple (Apple) may face a big problem in the coming days; Because Apple is the only company that uses the company’s own Lightning Port instead of USB Type-C on their iPhone. It should be noted that the Carpeting-based technology company is already in serious trouble as the new rule of ‘one charger for all devices’ comes into force in Europe. In that case, if this same rule is introduced in India, the company will be in a situation where it will be like a ‘death blow’. Therefore, only time can tell what measures the tech giant will take in the future to maintain its business in all countries.

The final decision still has to wait for some time

Incidentally, the Indian government has not yet taken any final decision regarding common chargers. Union government ministry representatives will meet with stakeholders to take appropriate decisions about the ‘One Country One Charger’ initiative, and finally, after getting their consent, the new rules will be sealed. As a result, users have to wait a little longer to use the same charger for all electronic devices.



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