Black tape may prevent cybercrime, says police

Black tape may prevent cybercrime, says police


Pubnews: Black tape may prevent cybercrime, says police, A small piece of black or green tape. Major cyber crimes like ‘sextortion’ can be prevented by installing it on mobile. Cyber ​​experts and police officials are also warning city dwellers of such claims.

According to the police, the number of blackmail or ‘sextortion’ using obscene video calls is on the rise. Like Lalbazar, ‘Sextortion’ accounts for a large number of cyber crimes in Kolkata. Initially, the Bharatpur gang of Rajasthan did this but gradually this type of cybercrime is happening in different parts of the country. Even, a college student from Kolkata has been arrested for this cybercrime. Again, people from different walks of life are victims of ‘sextortion’. Many people are losing from five or ten thousand Rupees to lakh rupees. Now an average of 20 such cyber crime cases are filed every month, but many do not file complaints out of shame, the information has also come to Lalbazar.

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In a recent event, an official of the Chamber of Commerce also said that he was a victim of ‘sextortion’. An official of Lalbazar said that now social media like Facebook are being weaponized by cybercriminals. They are sending friend requests to many people. Seeing the beautiful young woman’s picture, many people are coming forward to make friends. After a simple chat, mobile numbers are exchanged. After that, the video call starts. In many cases, video calls are made even though there is no contact on Facebook. A pornographic video of a woman is displayed across the screen. A ‘window’ of the video shows the person being a ‘victim’ of cybercrime. Cybercriminals started calling him after recording that video. In most cases, they call themselves a police officer.

Even, ‘Police’ appears in True Caller. Whatsapp DP has a picture of a police officer in a big city. Money was demanded with the threat of arrest in his name. Many people give money. Earlier, to prevent this type of crime, police officers have said many times that even if someone intercepts the video call, the callers should be avoided. However, many are afraid and fall into the trap of cybercriminals. Now, cyber experts and police officers are saying that a small piece of black or green tape can stop the crime. For that, you have to use your mobile’s back camera to take pictures.

And the front camera, which is usually used to take selfies, can be blocked with a piece of black or green tape. It can be taken off if you ever need to take a selfie. Usually, after sending obscene videos, the front camera captures the video of the ‘victim’, who is then blackmailed. But if the front camera is taped, the person to whom the video is being sent will be able to see it, but not be seen by cyber criminals. Cybercriminals will no longer make video calls as they will no longer have the opportunity to blackmail after being hit again and again. The police said that this crime will be brought under control.