Cricket 24 Review: A Promising Game with Room for Improvement

Cricket 24 Review, A Promising Game with Room for Improvement. The ongoing Cricket World Cup has ignited the passions of cricket fans worldwide. While we can’t all be professional cricketers, cricket-based video games offer a thrilling alternative. Australia’s Big Ant Studios has timed the release of “Cricket 24” perfectly to coincide with the tournament.

Cricket 24 World Cup has ignited the passions of cricket fans worldwide
Cricket 24 World Cup has ignited the passions of cricket fans worldwide

However, as any gamer knows, a game’s success isn’t solely about timing; it hinges on gameplay. Does “Cricket 24” deliver an engaging experience or compromise fun for realism? Join me for an in-depth review to find out.

Game Modes:

  1. Ash Mode: Cricket aficionados will be pleased to find the popular Ash Mode front and center. Choose to play standard men’s or women’s series, or even become a star player for Australia or England. While team play offers full innings control, playing as an individual player can lead to frustratingly long simulations. The game shines in this mode with licensed teams and impressive player models.


  1. Career Mode: Career Mode lets you start as an existing player or a newbie. Newcomers begin in club cricket, working their way up with earned points. Current players receive contract offers from English county teams. Though it may not match some other sports video games’ career modes, it has its merits. Starting from specific Indian states adds a touch of familiarity to the gameplay.
  2. World Championship: Create championship series in various formats – one-day, T20, or test matches, in either men’s or women’s categories. It’s the closest to a World Cup mode in the game, offering flexibility to control the whole championship or specific teams.
cricket 24 World Championship
cricket 24 World Championship
  1. Domestic T20 Competitions: A highlight of this year’s game is the inclusion of fully licensed IPL teams. Play as your favorite IPL franchise or explore other leagues like The Hundred, BBL, WBL, CPL T20, PSL, and Super Smash. These competition modes aim to provide an authentic experience, although there may be some technical hiccups.


The gameplay is where “Cricket 24” stumbles. Glitches, like balls going unnoticed for runs and erratic player behavior, hamper the experience. Bowling and fielding are uninspiring, and batting, while enjoyable, lacks depth compared to other aspects of the game.


Cricket 24 Review: A Promising Game with Room for Improvement
Cricket 24 Review: A Promising Game with Room for Improvement

Graphics in “Cricket 24” are inconsistent. While the game itself looks decent, close-up player models often disappoint, especially for players with facial hair. There’s room for improvement in this department, especially considering the industry’s evolving standards.


In its current state, “Cricket 24” leaves much to be desired. While it has the potential to improve with future patches, the release appears rushed, likely due to the Cricket World Cup promotion. We wanted to like this game, but it’s hard to play and even harder to watch. The game’s professional mode variety, Ashe’s authenticity, and batting satisfaction offer bright spots, but they are overshadowed by issues with bowling, fielding, graphics, and frequent crashes when attempting to play the Indian T20 League.

Cricket 24
Cricket 24

Editor’s Rating: 6.5/10 Pros:

  • Enjoyable batting experience
  • Varied game modes
  • Authentic Ashes mode


  • Frustrating issues with bowling and fielding
  • Numerous glitches
  • Inconsistent graphical fidelity
  • Frequent crashes in Indian T20 League mode

In conclusion, “Cricket 24” has potential but needs significant improvements to live up to its promise.


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