Free tips for Telegram bots that will help you | free tricks

Free tips for Telegram bots that will help you | free tricks


pubnews: Free tips for Telegram bots that will help you. It is growing in different countries of the world as well as in our country Telegram Its user count. One of the amazing features of Telegram is the facility to use automated services, i.e. bots. In this post, you will learn about some amazing Telegram bots that will come in handy for you.

If you spend most of your time in the Telegram app, then you can check the emails coming to your Gmail account directly from Telegram through this bot. Emails can be received, sent, and even replied to directly from the Telegram app through the Gmail Telegram bot. Important Gmail features can be accessed directly from the Telegram app after authenticating the Google account.

IFTTT (If This Then That) is a very popular automation service that can be used by bots from within Telegram. More than 360 services can be automated using IFTTT’s Telegram bot. For example, If you want the picture uploaded in Telegram to be saved in Google Drive, this bot can do it.

Suppose again that any picture posted on Facebook can be automatically posted on Twitter. In this way, using IFTTT, various services used on a daily basis can be automated directly from Telegram. IFTTT is a great automation service that can make your daily life easier.

IMDB is an Internet movie database where users provide ratings for various films and shows. IMDb comes in handy for getting a feel for a new show before watching it, and this can be made even easier with the IMDb Telegram bot.

Just hearing the name, you can understand the work of the “Text to Speech” bot. The job of this bot is to convert any text into a speech file. That is, if you send any text to this Telegram bot, it will turn it into a voice file and send it to you. Text to speech facility in multiple languages ​​can be enjoyed using this bot.

DeLorean can use bots to send future messages to themselves. The name of this bot comes from the popular film Back to the Future. You can use this bot to send messages to yourself by setting a specific date and time.

Dr. can be guessed by hearing the name. What the web bot can be about? Using this bot, you can directly check whether a file or link is safe from Telegram. This bot claims to be Telegram’s first anti-virus bot. Any link or file Dr. By forwarding the web bot, you can know whether the file or link is safe. Again, by adding this bot to your group, you can add the facility of checking whether all links and files are safe.

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DropMail. I am a temporary email generator bot that creates disposable email addresses. Message by typing /get will get a random email address and messaging this bot by typing /start will start the conversation. If you want to open an account on an anonymous website or an unreliable service, you can use this temporary email instead of using the original email.

Files can be converted to numerous formats using the Telegram Bot File Converter. A file converter bot can come in handy in the process of converting audio to video, video to audio, etc. File Converter Telegram Bot supports more than 63 file types.

Media can be downloaded from any website on the internet using Get Media Bot. This bot can work by downloading videos from any site, downloading images from Instagram, etc. After starting the bot you will get the option to search videos and music. Besides, it is very easy to search for lyrics or download Instagram stories by clicking the button.

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Telegram literally has a mine of stickers. Now if you like a sticker in Telegram, you can download it and use it in Messenger or WhatsApp chat. Stickers in jpg, png, and webp formats can be downloaded using this bot. Besides, there is an option to download the complete sticker pack in zip format. This bot can be useful for downloading stickers and using them in other messaging apps as well as creating your own sticker packs.

This bot uses two websites, and, to shorten large URLs. It is very easy to shorten links from the internet, this bot will make it easier. So you can use this bot to shorten any big link.

Which Telegram bot from the list do you like the most? Let us know in the comment section. Also, you can tell about your favorite Telegram bot and its work in the comment section.


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