Google informed of the cancellation of Nvidia Chromebook plans

Google informed of the cancellation of Nvidia Chromebook plans


Pubnews: Google informed us of the cancellation of Nvidia Chromebook plans. Reportedly, Google has abandoned its intentions to introduce a Chromebook featuring an integrated Nvidia graphics card. In the prior year, the company incorporated gaming laptop-esque elements, such as convertible RGB keyboards and high-refresh-rate displays, into some models. However, all these devices were equipped with integrated GPUs, designed for use with streaming services like Nvidia’s GeForce Now and Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud gaming.

Subsequent reports indicated that the technology giant headquartered in Mountain View was exploring the possibility of launching a Chromebook with a dedicated GPU. Earlier this year, a Chromebook codenamed “Hades” emerged, boasting a dedicated GeForce RTX 4050 GPU similar to those used in certain Windows gaming laptops, as noted by 9to5Google. This GPU could potentially serve as a foundation for various PC manufacturers to create their own Chromebooks.

cancellation of Nvidia Chromebook plans

Presently, in accordance with developer notes, the Hades board, initially discovered on the Chromium Gerrit focused on Chromebooks, has been scrapped, alongside two other Nvidia-equipped boards named “Caution” and “Herobrine.” This suggests that laptops based on these boards will not be entering production.

Speculation has arisen concerning the potential future release of Chromebooks with dedicated GPUs. A recent code patch unveiled the existence of a board codenamed “Aurora.” Although presumed to be designated for internal Steam testing rather than an actual device, the board is marked with an RTX 3050 graphics card. This implies that efforts may still be ongoing to ensure compatibility between Steam on ChromeOS and dedicated GPUs.

Additionally, Google has notably announced the cancellation of a Chromebook project powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c+ Gen 3 SoC, known by the codename “Herobrine.” This development suggests that no imminent releases of new ChromeOS tablets are to be expected.