Grand Theft Auto 6 map leak has reportedly been made by the son of a Rockstar employee

GTA 6: As anticipation builds for the much-awaited Grand Theft Auto 6 map leak (GTA 6) trailer scheduled for release on December 5, a recent leak has stirred excitement within the gaming community. The leaked footage, shared by the TikTok account ‘Azarossi,’ purportedly unveils glimpses of the game’s setting – a fictional iteration of Miami, often referred to as Vice City.

Grand Theft Auto 6 map leak has reportedly been made by the son of a Rockstar employee
Grand Theft Auto 6 map leak has reportedly been made by the son of a Rockstar employee

Leaked Video Highlights:

According to the leak showcased on the now-private TikTok account, the video provides a rapid panoramic view and scale of the alleged GTA 6 location. Notably, the footage features an in-game Piswasser beer brand billboard, a recurring element in previous GTA games. Despite the account’s privacy settings, speculation has arisen regarding the authenticity of the leak, with some key landmarks aligning with a substantial data leak from the previous year, revealing over 90 clips in development.

Unveiling the Possible Source:

Adding intrigue to the leak, the TikTok user shared a photo alongside Rockstar North’s head of development and co-studio head, Aaron Garbutt. This has led to speculation that the leaker may have connections within Rockstar Games, possibly being an employee’s son. While the video’s removal status remains unconfirmed, the incident echoes the surprising reality behind the meme, “My father works at Rockstar/Xbox, PlayStation,” as the leaker could potentially have gotten their parent into trouble for online popularity.

Publisher’s Response and Social Media Caution:

As of now, Rockstar Games has not issued any official statement regarding the leak. Given the proximity to the trailer launch, caution is advised on social media to avoid potential spoilers. The gaming community is reminded of a previous incident where a 17-year-old was allegedly arrested for involvement in a leak, emphasizing the severity of such breaches.

Upcoming GTA 6 Trailer Debut:


The highly anticipated GTA 6 trailer is set to debut on December 5 at 7:30 PM ET in India and 9 AM ET in the US. Rockstar has yet to disclose an official title for the game, leaving room for speculation about a potential spin-off with subtitles rather than a numbered sequel. A countdown video is currently live on YouTube, heightening the excitement among fans.

Release Window and Studio Ambitions:

While no specific release window has been confirmed, a May earnings report from Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two Interactive, hints at a potential launch within the financial year opening in early April next year. Ambitions are high at the studio, with rumors circulating about the introduction of the first playable Latina female protagonist and an increased focus on accessible indoor locations for enhanced immersion. Reports also suggest a crime duo storyline inspired by the infamous Bonnie and Clyde.

Community Speculation and Miami Resemblance:

Online communities have actively speculated on the leaked clip, attempting to draw parallels between the virtual Miami in GTA 6 and the real city. A significant number of similarities have been noted, adding credence to the leak’s authenticity.

Rockstar’s Recent Changes and Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Remaster:

In the lead-up to the GTA 6 trailer launch, Rockstar has made notable changes to its logo, retaining the ‘Social Club’ branding while revamping its online multiplayer component. Additionally, the studio is set to release a remastered Grand Theft Auto Trilogy on Netflix on December 14, offering graphical and mechanical upgrades for an enhanced gaming experience.

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