how to apply for driving license online

how to apply for driving license online



Pubnews: how to apply for a driving license online? We all know that a driver’s license is mandatory to drive any vehicle. So if you are interested in driving, but don’t have a license, no need to worry; Because now online this task can be done in a pinch. For that, you need to take a learner license first and apply for a permanent license after at least one month. Let’s say, a learner license is valid for 6 months, within which applying for a permanent license is mandatory. If this period expires for any reason, you will need to obtain a learner’s license again.

How to Apply for Learner’s License Online

Users can apply both online and offline to get a learner’s driving license. In this case, getting the license online is very easy. Some states only require users to apply online to obtain a learning license; Again this facility is not fully available in some states. So you need to visit the RTO office to know how to apply for a learner’s driving license in the state where you live.

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Follow the steps below to apply for a learner’s license online

To apply online for a learner’s license first visit the Ministry of Transport website

Then go to the online services option and select driving license-related services.

Select the state you currently live in.

Now click on Apply for learner license (Apply for learner license) option.

Fill out your application form for a learner’s license now.

Then upload the required documents.

Submit the prescribed fee to get a learner license now.

Finally, select the online exam date.

After passing the test, you can apply for a permanent driving license.


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