How to create WhatsApp polls?

How to create WhatsApp polls?


Pubnews: How to create WhatsApp polls? Finally, WhatsApp has brought a poll feature for Android and iOS users. Users can create polls or votes in WhatsApp group chats as well as personal chats. The WhatsApp Poll feature is currently only available on the mobile app, the feature is coming soon to the web version of WhatsApp.

Let’s learn how to create polls on Android and iPhone using the WhatsApp poll feature.

Rules for creating WhatsApp polls

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WhatsApp polls can come in handy in many situations. For example, you can create a group poll of friends to decide where to go. Again, a poll can be created to take everyone’s opinion on a topic in a family program. Overall WhatsApp polls can be very useful.

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Now let’s know how to create a poll on WhatsApp iOS and Android apps.

  • Access WhatsApp on an Android or iOS phone
  • Now enter the chat or group in which you want to create a poll
  • Tap the attachment (🧷) icon next to the camera button at the bottom
  • Now select the Poll icon
  • Enter poll questions and options from the Create Poll window. A maximum of 12 votes can be given
  • Besides, the order of options can be changed by tapping on the hamburger icon on the right side of the poll
  • Once the questions and options are added, tap on the green Send button
  • Diameter! In this way, you can create a WhatsApp poll very easily

WhatsApp polls have a maximum of 12 options in each poll. Through this feature, polls can be created and the opinions of others can be taken very quickly. Any option in the poll can be selected. There is also the facility to select multiple options.

The poll will update automatically when someone new votes. Users can see poll information by tapping on the views votes option. Tap the View Votes option to see who has voted for which option.


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