How to Generate QR Code on Smartphone?

How to Generate QR Code on Smartphone?


pubnews: How to Generate QR Code on Smartphone? People who are not familiar with QR codes cannot be found. This hidden code is now used in all cases of bill payment or website visits. By scanning this black-and-white rectangular box on a smartphone, various websites, URLs, mobile numbers, or bill payment options are available.

It is arranged in such a ‘pattern’ that it is not possible to tell with the naked eye whether any number or website address is hidden in it. Currently, this system is used all over the world. As it reduces the risk of cash transportation, it also takes less time. Any transaction can be done only with the help of a smartphone.

QR codes have become popular for online payments in the last two decades. Be it shopping or money transactions using QR codes makes the payment process much easier through digital mediums. QR code is – ‘Quick Response Code’ (Quick Response Code). As the name suggests, QR codes can work very quickly.

If you want, you can create a QR code for your organization or anything. No expert is required for this. Let’s know how you can do it yourself on your smartphone-

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>> Access any ‘QR Code Maker’ website from a smartphone or desktop browser.

>> After that you will get many options. For example, URL, image, Vcard, e-mail, and many other things.

>> Now enter your company or product URL.

>> QR code of the website will be generated after giving the URL.

>> You can customize the QR code frame, shape, and color as per your choice.

>> Choose the download option to save.


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