How to hide wifi network

How to hide wifi network


Pubnews: How to hide wifi network. You can easily hide your WiFi connection by hiding SSID from your WiFi router or modem settings. Many routers do not have an option to hide again, in which case you can leave strong encryption on. In this post, you will know how to hide a WiFi connection so that no one can see it.

All Wi-Fi networks have a Service Set Identifier, or SSID, which helps other devices find this Wi-Fi network. In simple terms, this SSID is basically the name of the WiFi connection.

Your router broadcasts a type of beacon frame that carries all the important information about the WiFi network. This beacon frame by default broadcasts the SSID that anyone at close range can see. If you check your phone’s WiFi connection in a populated area, you will see many WiFi networks showing up. Here basically the phone is detecting the beacon frames and displaying the SSID.

Rules to Hide WiFi Router

You can hide your WiFi router so that no one can see your WiFi router. This will basically stop the broadcasting of SSID. After hiding the network like this, only those who know the SSID can connect to the network.

Hiding SSID is very easy, WiFi connection can be hidden by hiding SSID very easily through a router management app or portal. Router control panel login features vary by manufacturer, so check the router’s box or manual for the login panel address.

However, in the case of most routers, and are the addresses of the control panel. However, the settings may be slightly different depending on your router. In that case, if you read the whole rule carefully, you will find the desired settings.

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To hide the WiFi router, first, enter your router’s control panel and enter the management portal by entering the admin password. Now click on the Wireless option. Some routers may require you to first click on the Advanced option to access these settings.

After clicking on the Wireless option, some routers may require clicking on the Wireless Settings option. Now you can see your wifi connection name, password, etc. Enable Hide / Hide SSID option from here. In addition, in some routers, you will get the option of Enable and Disable next to the SSID Broadcast option. In the same place, you will find your router’s SSID. Note that down.

After saving the settings, the WiFi network will be hidden. Then go to the WiFi option of the desired device to connect to the network, go to the Add Network option, and save it with the name and password of the WiFi SSID.

What are the advantages of hiding WiFi?

It seems that security is increased by hiding the SSID broadcast of WiFi, but actually, nothing like that happens. It basically blocks others from your network just so that no one can connect to your internet network without your knowledge.

Hiding this doesn’t add any extra security to your internet connection. However, users who use the same network as you may get into trouble because of this wifi hide. Since the network will not appear in the WiFi connection list, you need to manually connect the device by knowing the SSID.


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