How to Increase Facebook Video Views? know the method

How to Increase Facebook Video Views? know the method


Pubnews: How to Increase Facebook Video Views? Although TikTok is banned in the country, many people now create short videos courtesy of the Instagram Reel feature. Even the trend of making such videos has increased so much that nowadays users are posting reels instead of regular posts on social media. In this case, usually, if someone’s reel is interesting, it gets a lot of views. This means that if reel videos are less interesting, they are likely to get fewer views Similarly, a reel video does not get good views even if it is not promoted or shared.

So after creating reels on Instagram you can share them on other net media like WhatsApp and Twitter. Again, if you have more connections or followers in your Facebook friends list, then reeling in Facebook stories will increase your chances of getting views.

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Yes, I’m right. If creating reel content is your hobby or job, you can increase the views (called reach) of those videos through Facebook. In fact, Instagram’s original owner, Facebook (now Meta), offers real share options on many of its older Facebook platforms. And since the number of users on this platform is huge, videos can be widely promoted on it.

How to share reels on the Facebook story?

1. In this case first open Facebook. If the Facebook app is not updated, update it first.

2. Then go to the Facebook Love icon.

3. Here you will see two options post and reels, from where you have to click on the second option.

4. In the next step, click on any relay you want to share.

5. After clicking on the reel video, the share option will appear at the bottom right of the screen, where the ‘Share to your story’ option will appear. In the next step, by clicking on that option, you can directly share the story, or edit it.


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