How to use Gmail offline

How to use Gmail offline


Pubnews: How to use Gmail offline? Gmail can now be used even when offline. Google has recently launched an offline support feature. Using this feature, emails can now be saved, deleted, written, and searched in addition to reading them.

Before the Google IO conference, major changes were brought to Gmail. Later, some more features based on artificial intelligence were added to this popular mailing service. And lastly, this offline feature is added to it.

Chrome browser version 61 is required to use Gmail’s offline feature. After that, this service will be available only if certain rules are followed. How to get offline Gmail service –

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1. First of all, Google Chrome 61 version should be downloaded.

2. Enter Gmail from the browser and click on the settings icon in the right corner.

3. Several options will appear at this stage. From there you have to select the option that says Settings,

4. Now many options will appear. From here select the feature named Offline in the upper right corner and

5. Finally, the offline mode will be activated only after selecting the Enable Offline Mail option. Source: Gazettes Now.

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