How to use WhatsApp long massage feature, even while driving or cooking

How to use WhatsApp long massage feature, even while driving or cooking


Pubnews: How to use WhatsApp long massage feature, even while driving or cooking. In our daily busy life, we do a lot of messaging through WhatsApp. But in many cases, long messages need to be written while chatting; Which is quite time-consuming and patient work. Sometimes when you need to reply to an urgent WhatsApp message while driving or doing other tasks – two more hands would be good. To avoid this type of situation, instant messaging platforms facilitate voice messaging to provide a hands-free experience, but there is a drawback! The receiver to whom you send the voice may not be able to hear the voice note at that moment. In that case, if you are also a victim of such a situation then today we have brought you a simple solution. Let’s find out what it is…

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Type the message you want without touching your hands

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We take the help of Google Assistant to perform various tasks on Android smartphones. In that case, this feature can also be used to type messages on WhatsApp in emergency situations. For this you just need to give a voice command means speaking with your mouth. Also, make sure you have Google Assistant installed on your phone.

How to send WhatsApp messages with Google Assistant?

1. Long press the Android phone’s ‘Home’ button without typing and say ‘Hey Google’ This will activate Google Voice Assistant on your phone.

2. Then say the name of the contact you want to send a message to with the command ‘Send a message…’.

3. In the next step, Google Assistant will ask you which app you want to send the message through. In this case, you need to say the WhatsApp name. After selecting the app, Google Assistant will ask you to say your favorite message.

4. After saying the message, Google will repeat it back to you and ask if you want to send it. If you say yes, the message will be sent. This will save typing time and hassle.

By the way, you can also use the Google Voice Typing keyboard if you want. It can be enabled from settings.


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