The Good news, Huawei is bringing new 15 types of cloud services

The good news, Huawei is bringing new 15 types of cloud services



Pubnews: Huawei Connect-2022 kicked off today (September 19) in Bangkok, Thailand, with Huawei’s rotating chairman Ken Hu delivering a keynote speech titled ‘Unleash Digital’. Huawei Cloud CEO Zhang Ping’an announced plans to open new cloud regions in Indonesia and Ireland; He also unveiled the ‘Go Cloud, Go Global Ecosystem Plan’ and reiterated his commitment to deliver services inspired by the motto ‘Everything as a Service. Huawei Cloud Global Marketing and Sales Service President Jacqueline Shi said at the event that Huawei Cloud will unveil more than 15 innovations globally; These include – cloud-native, artificial intelligence (AI) development, data governance, digital content, software development, and Macroverse APAAS (Application Platform as a Service).

Ken Hu, the rotating chairman of Huawei, said that enterprises should increase the use of the cloud to accelerate their development because digital smart technology will be the future of the future. More than 240 services are already included in the cloud. In addition, Huawei Cloud uses more than 50,000 application programming interfaces (APIs) to ensure the latest use of artificial intelligence (AI), application development, big data technologies, and various development tools.

Huawei Cloud is committed to creating a global network where cloud services can be accessed from anywhere in the world in just 50 milliseconds. No one has to build their own data center anymore. Huawei Cloud will open new regions in Indonesia and Ireland. By the end of this year, Huawei Cloud will provide services in 29 regions and 75 zones (availability zones) in more than 170 countries.

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Huawei Cloud CEO Zhang Ping’an unveiled the ‘Go Cloud, Go Global’ plan at the event. In keeping with the ‘Everything as a Service concept, Huawei Cloud will share essential business and industry information gathered based on its experience serving more than 170 countries to build a global ecosystem through its own technologies and solutions. Initiatives like these will help more enterprises around the world to successfully use Huawei Cloud and move forward.

Huawei Cloud has adopted a ‘buy local, for local’ strategy to build a global digital ecosystem. Huawei Cloud will provide cost-saving strategies, technical assistance, entrepreneurial training, and other business support to more than 10,000 promising startups worldwide over the next three years. So far, more than 120 enterprises in the Asia-Pacific region have joined the Huawei Cloud Startup Program.

Huawei Cloud is becoming an important digital sector platform for innovation. At the event, Jacqueline Shi highlighted 15 such innovations of Huawei Cloud. These include CCE Turbo, Ubiquitous Cloud Native Services (UCS), Pangu Wave Model, DataArts LakeFormation, VirtualLive, CodeCheck & CloudTest, QooMessage, QooSearch, and QooGallery.

Huawei will continue to strive to create opportunities for various sectors through Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS), Technology as a Service (ITAAS), Expertise as a Service (EAAS), and Everything as a Service (XAAS), and Cloud to Create an Intelligent World. will ensure optimum utilization.


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