Intel Arc A580 GPU launched with ray tracing and Intel XeSS support

Intel Arc A580 GPU: Intel has just unveiled its latest desktop graphics card, the Intel Arc A580. This midrange GPU is designed with both creators and gamers in mind, offering exceptional performance and features. Gamers can look forward to enjoying their favorite titles in stunning 1080p resolution at high settings, thanks to the cutting-edge Intel Arc A580 GPU. This graphics card is also optimized for esports gaming, promising higher frame rates. Additionally, it boasts support for Intel XeSS and hardware-accelerated ray tracing.

Intel Arc A580 GPU launched with ray tracing and Intel XeSS support
Intel Arc A580 GPU launched with ray tracing and Intel XeSS support

The eagerly anticipated Intel Arc A580, initially announced several months ago, is now debuting in global markets. This graphics card boasts 24 Xe cores and 24 ray tracing units, delivering exceptional performance. With a maximum clock speed of 1700MHz and 8GB of GDDR6 VRAM with a memory bandwidth of 512GB/s, it’s well-equipped for demanding tasks.

The total board power (TBP) of the Intel Arc 5-series graphics cards for desktop computers is rated at 185W, making it a reliable choice for gamers and creators alike. While it may be slightly less powerful than Intel’s higher-end Arc A770 and A750 GPUs, it still packs a punch.

On the product page for the Intel Arc A580, you’ll find that this GPU excels in delivering higher frame rates for popular titles at 1080p resolution. For example, in games like Diablo IV and Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, it achieves 155fps and 119fps, respectively. Even in more demanding titles like Baldur’s Gate III and Cyberpunk 2077 (utilizing XeSS and ray tracing), it maintains impressive frame rates of 90fps and 85fps, according to Intel.

Intel is also highlighting the AI capabilities of the Arc A580 GPU. These capabilities include handling on-device generative AI tasks, such as running stable diffusion. Moreover, it supports Intel’s XeSS AI-based image upscaling technology, leveraging Intel’s Xe Matrix Extension (Intel XMX) AI technology.

With prices starting at just $179 (approximately Rs 14,900), the Intel Arc A580 graphics card is an attractive option for both creators and gamers. These midrange graphics cards are available for purchase from reputable manufacturers like ASRock, Gunnir, and Sparkle, particularly in regions where other Arc GPUs like the Intel Arc 750 and Intel Arc A770 are already on the market.


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