iPhone and Apple devices are at risk of hacking, learn how to survive!

iPhone and Apple devices are at risk of hacking, learn how to survive!


Pubnews: iPhone and Apple devices are at risk of hacking, learn how to survive. Apple has requested device updates for iPhone, iPad and Mac computer users. The reason for this is that a security flaw was recently discovered in Apple’s devices that is capable of hacking the device’s controls.

Apple reported that Mac computers were infected by “malicious crafted web content” on Wednesday last week. Apple also mentions that this problem is going away. Apple has already released a software update that addresses this exploit. Apple is advising Apple device users to quickly download and install this update. Which devices are at risk and what to do Learn more about that in this post.

WebKit basically helps Safari and other apps work on Apple devices. And Apple says that two problems have been found with this feature. Basically, through this iPhone, iMac, and iPad security is at risk. According to security experts, this issue could allow a hacker to gain full access to the device.


Apple device users store banking account information, personal photos and their ID document information on their devices. And due to this security error, iPhone, iPad and iMac users can face serious problems if they do not update their software.

Download and install software updates on your nearest Apple device as soon as possible. Especially activists, journalists and other important people are more likely to be victims of this hacking. Therefore, Apple and other security agencies have advised all Apple device users to update their devices.

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Apple devices that are at risk


According to information provided by Apple: Released in 2015 iPhone, users of iPads released since 2014, and Mac computers running OSx Monterey are at the mentioned security risk. So very quickly update your Apple device if there is a match to the mentioned.

iPhone 8 series, iPhone 10 series, iPhone 11 series, iPhone 12 series, iPhone 13 series, and iPhone SE released since iPhone 6 are vulnerable to hacking due to security risks. can।

On the other hand, all iPads released from the second generation onwards are at risk. Also to update Mac computers running OSx Monterey operating system said Apple. This guide applies to all iMacs released in 2015 or later. For MacBooks, this rule applies to MacBook Air and MacBook Pro released in 2015 or later, and Mac Mini released in 2014 or later, MacBook released in 2016 or later. Update your Apple device quickly if your device specifications match the mentioned points.

This software issue has spread more on social media and in the news than any previous issue. This is because Apple has stated that many Apple devices may have already been hacked by hackers. In March this year, Apple also pushed a software update due to a kernel issue.


How to update

iPhone and iPad users can update their iPhone or iPad by accessing the Software Update option from the Settings app in the General section. Users will see the new software update information on the screen, the update can be installed by tapping the Install now option.

On the other hand, Mac users can see the update information by clicking on the Apple logo in the top left corner of the desktop screen, selecting About this Mac option and clicking on Software Update. After that, the update can be installed by clicking on the Update Now option.


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