Jio and Airtel are launching 5G in these cities including Kolkata, how will the cost be?

Jio and Airtel are launching 5G in these cities including Kolkata, how will the cost be?


Pubnews: Jio and Airtel are launching 5G in these cities including Kolkata, how will the cost be? The long wait of all Indians for 5G can be said to be coming to an end very soon. As Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the 75th Independence Day celebrations at the Red Fort in New Delhi a few days ago said that waiting for 5G is over, and the next generation ‘rocket’ speed network is coming to the country very soon. Moreover, telecom companies have also hinted at launching next-generation networks soon. As a result, the massive public frenzy surrounding 5G has reached its peak at the moment. But also several important questions are running in our minds, which are –

1. When will telecom companies launch their 5G services in India?

2. Which company will be the first to come up with the fifth generation network service for the citizens of Apam?

3. If you want to use a 5G network, how much money to spend?

4. Which city will launch this fast network service first?

In that case, if these questions are peeping into your mind, then read our report today in full. Because today we are going to tell you detailed information about these issues.

Who will be the first to launch 5G services and when?

Let us inform you that the major telecom operators of the country are currently working hard for the 5G rollout within the next few weeks. This network will probably be available for use by the month of October. However, who will be the first to bring 5G services to this country is currently the main topic of discussion in the tech world. The two main competitors in the race for 5G rollout are Jio and Airtel. Since the beginning, these two companies have been in a fierce battle over bringing 5G services. Both Jio and Airtel have announced the launch of 5G services very soon.

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Airtel CEO Gopal Vittal recently confirmed that the company will launch 5G services in August. For this reason, Airtel has tied up with companies like Samsung, Nokia, and Ericsson. It is learned that the company wants to deliver 5G services to every part of the country by 2024. On the other hand, Jio has also indicated launching 5G very soon. However, several reports circulating in the tech world have revealed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch 5G on September 29 while inaugurating the India Mobile Congress (IMC).

Which cities will launch 5G services first?

It is reported that Airtel will initially launch 5G in 13 cities. The list includes Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Gandhinagar, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Jamnagar, Lucknow, Mumbai, and Pune. On the other hand, there are reports that Jio is planning to launch 5G in 1000 cities in the country.

How much will it cost to use 5G?

So far, no telecom company has announced the price or practical cost of 5G plans. However, 5G will no longer be the case, as was seen in the initial battle between telecom companies over the price of 4G plans (especially between Jio and Airtel), sources claim. Although there will be a distinct difference between the two network plans, that’s for sure. It should be noted that Vodafone Idea has clearly stated that customers will have to spend a lot more money for 5G plans compared to 4G, as the plans will come at a premium price.

On the other hand, there is no specific information about the price of the upcoming 5G plans from the country’s leading telecom company Jio. However, Airtel’s CTO Randeep Sekhon said before the 5G spectrum auction that there is no significant difference between 5G and 4G plans in the global market; So it is expected that there will be similar films in India as well. Only time can tell what the reality will be!


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